Haryana To Use Drone Cameras To Map Urban Properties

Haryana To Use Drone Cameras To Map Urban Properties

Haryana To Use Drone Cameras To Map Urban Properties

Haryana is all set to become the first state in the country to geo-tag urban properties. Using drone cameras, the state’s urban local bodies department will start mapping properties which would ensure that property details falling under the civic bodies have no errors.

Once the survey is completed, the data collected will be matched with old records of each urban property and, thereafter, these properties will be given a unique identification (UID). The lanes in these areas will be coded, too.

According to Urban Local Bodies Department Minister Kavita Jain, this will also reduce time in calculating property tax and other levies on each property falling under the jurisdiction of 81 civic bodies – 53 municipal committees, 18 municipal councils and 10 municipal corporations. This would also ease tax assessment done by agencies as they will have real-time information about each property.

All the data collected in the survey will be uploaded to a central site that the homeowners can access, too, to pay taxes or penalties and also, file objection against notices raised against them.

What is geo-tagging?

When geo-tagging for real estate, technology is used to take digital image of a property and then tag the image with information about its location and the surrounding infrastructure. The civic bodies across India – in Haryana, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu – are now adopting geo-tagging or mapping as a tool to collect property tax using UIDs of each property, to keep a tab on the infrastructure in the city and engage citizens. Drones or airplanes are used to map the city. Different types of information is then stored on the map in form of layers.

Geo-tagging is one of the key technologies being adopted by cities that have been selected for the Smart Cities Mission, including Bhopal. 

Last Updated: Thu Oct 18 2018

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