Guess How Much Trump Earned From India In 2016!

Guess How Much Trump Earned From India In 2016!

Guess How Much Trump Earned From India In 2016!
US President Donald Trump. (Flickr)

Part of the exorbitant price we Indians paid to live in uber-luxury housing projects of The Trump Organization also went into US President Donald Trump’s pocket, shows a recent disclosure of his earnings.

Trump left his position as the boss of that real estate major after taking charge of the President’s Office owing to conflict of interests, and the company is now spearheaded by his son Donald Trump Junior.

According to his latest annual financial reporting from the year 2016 Trump earned up to $5 million from the Mumbai Worli project and up to $1 million from the Kolkata project in royalties. From his upcoming project in Gurgaon, he reported an income slightly less than $200. Trump has not listed any income from his Pune project.

Currently, Trump has four projects in India, in Mumbai, Gurgaon, Pune and Kolkata. 

It has to be noted that The Trump Organisation does not own or develop any projects but offers only its brand name licensing deals.

Trump entered India in 2012 in collaboration with Panchshil and developed two 23-storey buildings in Kalyani Nagar Pune. The second project was announced in Mumbai, where the builder tied up with Lodha Group for the Worli Project. The third Trump tower came up in Kolkata. Trump’s fourth project was in Gurgaon which was launched in January this year in collaboration with M3M and Tribeca.

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Last Updated: Mon May 21 2018

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