Government To Initiate E-Challans, Technologically Superior Transport Systems To Ensure Safety

Government To Initiate E-Challans, Technologically Superior Transport Systems To Ensure Safety

Government To Initiate E-Challans, Technologically Superior Transport Systems To Ensure Safety

One of the most important aspects of city planning happens to be physical infrastructure. Roads and transport channels speak a lot about the city dynamics- the livability quotient, the pattern of settlement, the pricing of properties, job opportunities, migration as well as ease. New roads and highways are commissioned from time to time to open up remote areas and help scatter urban living. Hence, road safety cannot be ignored.

The 28th Road Safety Week is being observed from 9th to 15th January 2017. It is interesting to note that the authorities are coming up with ways to make road safety the focus. Since we are heading towards a digitized economy, the ministry is about to launch two mobile apps. Here is what you need to know-


This happens to be a comprehensive digital solution for transport enforcement and traffic police that is integrated with Vahan and Sarathi applications. Most of all, it enhances the visibility of offenders and better traffic management. If you have been complaining of increasing traffic and related menace, this should help simplify. Also, while paying cash challans had been an issue, resorting to the app would mean that we are encouraging cleaner practices too thereby affecting better traffic management.


You needn't go too far for your driving license and registration certificate. A citizen centric app, it is connected to the Transport National Register. The details of the car, its owner and license can be accessed through this app. So whether you want to ascertain the genuineness of a driver in case you are hiring an OLA or Uber etc, or even when you are buying a second hand vehicle, you have handy clarity on this. Although it is always good to carry your license around, even if you didn't, you can escape the wrath of a traffic cop too. These ensure safety at all times and may help avoid unfortunate circumstances due to lack of information.

The user will need to be registered through Aadhar. With the app, it becomes easier to report accidents and traffic violations by clicking pictures and sending them across to concerned authorities.

By March 2017, workshops to alert and sensitise citizens about road safety and local transport scenario would be conducted. As per sources, these workshops have already been held in Rajasthan, Assam, Puducherry, Meghalaya, Assam and Bihar. Social media could also be used as to tool to ensure awareness.

Highway Advisory System or HAS

Launched as a pilot on Delhi-Jaipur highway for 2,400 km across 13 states, the ministry now plans to extend it. It makes uses of the radio to disperse information making it simpler, faster and easily accessible. It generates alerts that would be broadcasted by the All India Radio.

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Pink autos

Safety on roads need not be compromised. By September 2016, pink autos were given permits in Noida, Greater Noida and Ghaziabad. These are fitted with GPS and electronic meters as well as protective grills. A woman helpline number (1090) has also been inscribed apart from the address and contact details of the driver. However, to ensure maximum support, more of these rickshaws need to be introduced especially in centres where woman workforce is sizeable.

These ideas were introduced by Groups of Secretaries of Government of India to welcome transformative changes on transport and communication. Let's hope these will ensure greater safety.


  • Priority has also been accorded to black spots on national highways. Short term measures include rumble strips, reflective stickers at junctions, fixing signboard/ cautionary board, providing signage and speed restrictions are being used. As long-term measures construction of vehicular under-pass,  By-pass,  flyover and four-laning are being taken up.
  • Safety standards for vehicles are also being set. By April 2018, car crash standards would be mandatory and every car should have provision for one child seat.
  • The 'Nirbhaya' incident is the most gruesome part in the recent times. To avoid such mishaps, buses would need to be technologically equipped so that emergency alarms and vehicle tracking is made easy.
  • Timely repair of bridges is also on cards.

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Last Updated: Wed Feb 08 2017

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