DU To Buy DDA Apartments For Rs 150 Cr; To Build Hostels

DU To Buy DDA Apartments For Rs 150 Cr; To Build Hostels

DU To Buy DDA Apartments For Rs 150 Cr; To Build Hostels
Delhi University is all set to spend Rs 150 crore to purchase DDA apartments to be converted into hostels for students and residential apartments for its staff. The news will come as a welcome respite for students who are forced to live in paying guest accommodations around the college campus. These come with a high rent and nosey landlords. The Executive Council of the Delhi University gave a green signal to the proposal on February 28. 
The money game
The University, desperate to keep a hold of the Rs 150 crore grant, formed a committee on February 25, 2017 which fine-tuned the proposal for purchasing the unsold DDA properties in Dwarka and utilising them for meeting the accommodation needs of students and staff members. The report created by the panel was finally executed and approved at the meeting of the Executive Council. But, the plan needs to get approved by other authorities such as the finance committee before its final execution. Also, the purchase would be carried out by the Union Government under the planned grant. The purchase of the flats would be based on 2014 prices. 
Significance of this move
Skyrocketing prices of PGs and harassment of students by private accommodation owners has been an issue plaguing the students. Residential areas have turned into education hubs with people stuffing students into tiny cubicles at sky-high rents. An increase in the number of hostels will reduce the dependency on private accommodation for students.
Last Updated: Tue Mar 07 2017

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