Haryana Govt To Launch Online Portal With Details Of Employees’ Properties

Haryana Govt To Launch Online Portal With Details Of Employees’ Properties

Haryana Govt To Launch Online Portal With Details Of Employees’ Properties

When the government made over 80 per cent of the existing currency invalid on November 8, 2016, it primarily aimed to curb benami transactions, especially in real estate transactions. Since property deals are capital intensive, real estate was widely used by people to park their unaccounted money.

From there on, life of such persons has become much tougher, with the government launching new measures frequently to nab offenders. Early this year, state governments were seen stopping salary credits to its staff over their failure to submit details of their real estate assets.

In Jaipur, for example, warnings were issued to 25,000 gazetted officers who had not filed their Immovable Property Returns (IPR) by January. While extending this deadline to May 31, it was announced that officers who fail to adhere to the timeline yet again, “would not be given vigilance clearance, promotion and other benefits to which they are entitled to”.

Gujarat went the same way.

The state government withheld the salaries of close to 1,000 Class-I and Class-II employees who failed to file their annual property returns. Some had flouted the rule despite a warning.

Chief Secretary JN Singh during a media interaction said, "We hope the remaining officers will also file their returns now. Otherwise, they will be served show-cause notices and departmental action could also be taken against them for non-compliance.”

On April 14, Singh said that out of 12,000 Class-I and Class-II officials, 3,000 had not filed their returns till that date. About 990 of them still need to file returns.

Now, Haryana has joined the force. By February 2019, the details of all the immovable properties of Haryana's government employees, including gazetted officers, would be uploaded on a portal to be developed by the National Informatics Centre. The mandate was given by the Haryana State Information Commission.

As of now, Haryana government employees- Class I, II and III have been instructed to submit their property returns online for the financial year 2017-18. The deadline is April 30. The various departments would then monitor the submission status to be available online starting April next year.

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