DDA To Increase Size Of Homes Meant For LIG Category

DDA To Increase Size Of Homes Meant For LIG Category

DDA To Increase Size Of Homes Meant For LIG Category

The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has decided to address the concerns of aggrieved homebuyers as it is considering increasing the size of bedrooms of homes meant for the LIG (low-income group) category. Units alloted in the housing scheme of 2014 and 2017 will now become larger. The authority is in talks with the representatives of Rohini, Narela, Siraspur and Dwarka housing scheme to complete the work.

Earlier, the development body had planned to merge 1BHKs and create more spacious units to offer buyers more space. Around 12,000 units were offered under the DDA Housing Scheme 2017, for which 46,000 applications were received. Of the total, 11,000 units were 1BHK homes.

The plan

The land-owning agency is planning to tweak the design and layout to make the units spacious. The size of the bedroom is proposed to be increased to about 10 ft x 10 ft instead of existing small size. The DDA is also planning to merge two one-bedroom flats into one two-bedroom flat. The decision has been taken keeping in view the feedback from the applicants, who have surrendered the flats. Most of them said that the units were extremely small in size and, therefore, unlivable. Other reasons cited by the applicants were lack of public transport in the area, lack of basic amenities such as roads, water and drainage, etc.

Principal and interest waived

Since the size of the flat is small, the DDA has agreed that the demand of the associations of homebuyers to waive the interest on the remaining 10 per cent amount to be deposited and decided that the matter of waiver of principal amount will be examined.

Troubled past

Many of the flats that were offered in 2017 housing scheme were the units that were surrendered in 2014. The poor reception of the DDA homes is mainly owing to the shrinking size of the units. For instance, the DDA Housing Scheme 2014 brochure shows the plinth area of a low-income group flat ranged 32-33 square metres (sqm); in 2010, this stood at were of 42-61 sqm. Similarly, sizes of two bedroom homes were between 80-95 sqm in 2010; it is now as small as 65-84 sqm.

The infrastructure around the units is also developing. In several cases, the society is not yet connected to main roads. In other cases, roads around the areas are still being built.

Last Updated: Thu May 03 2018

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