CRZ Violation Puts Luxury Homes In Chennai's Muttukadu Under Threat

CRZ Violation Puts Luxury Homes In Chennai's Muttukadu Under Threat

CRZ Violation Puts Luxury Homes In Chennai's Muttukadu Under Threat

Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) rules are an important set of rules to be adhered. Any structure built in violation of these rules can cost dear. According to sources, luxury bungalow owners in Chennai’s Muttukadu have breached the CRZ rules.

Luxury independent homes sprung up in Muttukadu locality not many years ago but in gross violation to the existing coastal regulation rules. Such homes were built as close as 20-30 metres to the shore. Resultantly, owing to erosion caused due to the waves, these buildings started developing cracks. Some others suffered because the compound walls started collapsing due to water pressure and some even started caving in. Such affected owners decided to erect a 200 metre-wall to check further damage to their property, an unauthorised seawall that cost the fisherfolk much harm.

After Tsunami wrecked havoc in Tamil Nadu in 2004, officials had reportedly moved homes almost 3 km away from where these were actually situated to ensure that in case there happens to be a calamity, people are at a safe distance. However, now the fisherfolk who have lost their landing area are pointing fingers at the authorities for having failed to check the growth of these sprawling bungalows that were constructed across 32 acres of the no-development zone. Consequently, patches of the sandy beach are vanishing due to sea erosion and the impact is doubly worse due to the seawall.

According to a New Indian Express article, Revenue Divisional Officer has confirmed that “I have been apprised about the illegality by the local fishermen. The seawall has been built by owners without obtaining permission. The Coastal Security Group was not informed. I have asked the tahsildar to do a field inspection and submit a report. Necessary action will be initiated.”

Many celebrities, politicians and the who’s who of Chennai own luxury properties in Muttukadu. Two years back, the Southern bench of the National Green Tribunal (NGT) had directed a stay on the coastal engineering project which was reportedly en route to causing harm. The fisheries department was also asked to remove the groyne field but in vain. Five groynes emerged thereafter and the damage caused due to sea erosion is picking up the pace.

If you are going in for a house close to the beach, make sure you are putting your money in a safe, authorised construction.

Last Updated: Fri Jun 01 2018

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