Building Illegally In Punjab? You Are Being Watched From The Top

Building Illegally In Punjab? You Are Being Watched From The Top

Building Illegally In Punjab? You Are Being Watched From The Top

When compared to major cities and state capitals in India, building laws are quite stringent in Union Territory Chandigarh, also the capital of Punjab as well as Haryana. In case you fail to abide by the rules, demolition is the likeliest of things for you, unlike, say, Delhi or Mumbai, where illegal constructions are often regularised. This is evident from the fact that amendments are being made in the Delhi Master Plan 2021 with an aims to bring relief to the traders from a sealing drive, which was initiated late last year following the directive of a Supreme Court-appointed monitoring panel.

Well-laid building norms that are followed strictly have largely been the reason why the City Beautiful has earned itself that tag and has been able to keep it so far. While building norms might not have been as strict in Haryana or Punjab, the latter has now decided to go tough against illegal constructions.

According to media reports, the state local bodies department, which is headed by Minister Navjot Singh Sidhu, will sign a pact with the Punjab Remote Sensing Centre (PRSC) to curb rampant illegal construction. The state's pact with the remote-sensing centre would be initially for a period of five years, the minister told media. Also in the works is a plan to convert the nullahs flowing in the state's cities into green belts. The state also planned to bring 67 services under the ambit of e-governance this year, Sidhu said.

How would the tracking take place?

With the help from the remote-sensing centre, Punjab will be monitoring upcoming constructions through satellite image-based mapping. This exercise would also help the state update property records. Through satellite image-based mapping, the state will also be in a position to monitor the progress of ongoing projects within its boundary.

While the move will help Punjab curb illegal constructions, how does this help a homebuyer?

Naive homebuyers often end up investing in properties that they later find are illegal — the number of such cases has been on the rise across India, Punjab included. Since homebuyers have only limited access to property-related information so far, they are often duped in real estate purchases. Now that Punjab will be able to have a better online database of property, buyers will find it easy to do the background check of the same before purchasing. Also, illegal constructions around your property substantially depreciate the worth of your property. By ending future unauthorised constructions, the state government would ensure the worth of your property does not diminish on that account.

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Last Updated: Wed Mar 07 2018

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