Bengaluru Home Buyers To Benefit From New Property Identification System

Bengaluru Home Buyers To Benefit From New Property Identification System

Bengaluru Home Buyers To Benefit From New Property Identification System

The system of property registration in India so far has been manual. However, after the Ministry of Urban Development proposed the implementation of a new system of Unique Identity Number (UID) for properties, a lot of developments have taken place. Municipalities across India possess a robust property identification system, yet there still exists a number of properties in the National Capital and other cities which do not have a property identification number.

The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike possesses a system which is a combination of the ward, the street and the plot number. The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation too owns a similar system of PTIN - unique property tax identification number. Going one step ahead, Bengaluru will reportedly have the existing PID replaced with a new system with 10-digit geo-referenced number by the year-end. Another southern state, Tamil Nadu, has also planned a Global Positioning System-based identification number for buildings in several villages. The core aim of this project is to facilitate easier access to government services by citizens.

MakaaniQ brings you more updates on the story and the need for property database in the country using Geo Information System (GIS)

 Issues faced by existing system

The present system is proving to be ineffective with unscientific numbering being followed. Currently, it only includes details such as ward number, street number and door number of the property. All these are predisposed to change. And, the ward delimitation exercise is likely to render existing PIDs erroneous. Besides, the PID database in the prevalent system is not integrated with GIS, Khata, plan sanction and Utility Service Datasets.

The Palike had been ill-equipped to handle tax collection. Post the launch of the GIS-based system, the agency would now have access to a complete property database with details of dimensions, directions, the number of floors in each building and land use.

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Advantages of the new system

  • The 10-digit system will assign unique numbers to one crore properties.
  • The new system will be error-proof and would flag an error on entry of wrong PID that could lead to tax payment to another account.
  • Developed along the lines of Aadhaar card, the system will enable quick identification and accurately locate addresses.
  • The system would be extended to land parcels where there is no property yet.

It is expected to ensure effective tax compliance as the geo-referenced PID would be better integrated with other data sets of properties such as ownership and encumbrance documents, khata, plan approval, tax receipts and utility services.

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Last Updated: Fri Mar 31 2017

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