All You Need To Know About Smart Parking Technology

All You Need To Know About Smart Parking Technology

All You Need To Know About Smart Parking Technology

Driving on Indian roads is not easy and even worse is the struggle to get a parking space. With the growing population of vehicle owners in the country, the alarming parking issues have highlighted the importance of smart parking solutions that India seriously needs now. The Union Minister for Urban Development and Housing, Venkaiah Naidu, recently said that registration of vehicles would be allowed only after production of parking space availability certificate to the authorities.

Suitable parking policies is a prerequisite for effective implementation of initiatives like these. Both the government and developers are actively focusing on making best use of smart parking technology, which is also a notable feature of the smart cities mission projects. Real estate developers in India, nowadays, are adopting advanced parking systems in their projects, which has also become their key strategy to promote their business.

MakaaniQ highlights all you should know about smart parking technology.

Smart parking technology: Definition

The Smart Parking System, also called automated parking system, involves the use of technology (low-cost sensors, real-time data and applications) for efficient management of on-street and off-street parking spaces. The system will enable drivers to identify parking spots via smartphones or electronic street panels. Some systems also provide services like online payments, parking time notifications and even car searching functionalities.

Some facts about Automated Parking System

Automated Multi-Level Parking System involves vertical allocation of parking lots with multiple levels (pallet based or without pallet) of horizontally arranged parking areas. The concept involves accommodation of more cars in the same space and reduce the surface area for parking the same number of cars. Technologies used in this system include Puzzle Type or Modular, Elevated Type or Tower, Multi-Level Floor Parking, Multi-Level Circulation Automated Parking System, Rotary type and D (Stacker) System.

The key benefits:

  • Enhanced safety: The systems will enable monitoring of parking violations and suspicious activity. It will also facilitate reduction of spot-searching traffic and indirectly prevent accidents, too.
  • Optimised parking: Enables quick and easy vehicle parking and retrieval, thus minimising effort, resources and time. It requires low maintenance and operation cost, owing to prefabrication.
  • Efficiency: Accommodates maximum cars in minimum space.
  • Other features: State-of-the-art modular designs. An eco-friendly solution as it would help in curbing vehicular pollution since an average person spends close to half an hour in finding a parking space.
Last Updated: Sat Feb 04 2017

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