53 Gurgaon Villages Set To Become Urban Areas

53 Gurgaon Villages Set To Become Urban Areas

53 Gurgaon Villages Set To Become Urban Areas

Living in a housing society is not everyone’s cup of tea ─ there are those who would like to own a piece of land and build a home suited to their personal taste. While finding a plot in prime locations of a big city could be a problem, the outskirts become the obvious choice of such buyers. All they have to do is get in touch with the right property dealer who would help them find a good deal. Their search might, however, end badly a lot of frauds are committed in land deals.

Take, for example, outskirts of Millennium City Gurgaon.  Since rates of property in the city are astonishingly high, buyers often choose the villages lying close to the centre to construct homes. Little wonder then that one sees concrete jungles build along the Sohna Road and the Dwarka Expressway. After purchasing a plot, buyers may find themselves at peace, at last. They have to pay a considerable amount to become the owner. They will also have a pay a substantial amount to register the said property. It is after this happen that they would find themselves in a soup. They might soon find out that since their plot falls in a village, they would find it difficult to avail of even the basic amenities. Irrespective of whose fault it could be, the buyer bears the brunt of the situation.

Recently, several structures were demolished in areas such as Sohna and Pataudi for being built illegally.

The corrective measure

To stop that from happening, the Department of Town and Country Planning (DTCP) is planning to declare 53 villages in Gurgaon as urban areas; ninety six villages in the city already have that tag.  

With that, Section 7A of the Urban Areas Act, 1975, would apply on development on the 53 villages. When that happens, a seller will have to seek a no-objection certificate (NOC) from the department to sell his land. The registration department would seek this document at the time of the registration of the property.

“Unless Section 7A of the Act is applicable, sale deeds get registered despite loopholes. Property dealers are able to make money, but buyers face action as they are not able to construct houses due to lack of adequate permissions,” District Town Planner-Enforcement Rajender T Sharma was quoted by Hindustan Times as saying. 

Last Updated: Fri Jun 08 2018

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