5 Model Initiatives Delhi Is Looking Forward To

5 Model Initiatives Delhi Is Looking Forward To

5 Model Initiatives Delhi Is Looking Forward To
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Model initiatives whether in the realm of housing, infrastructure or civic issues go a long way in adding to the wellbeing of citizens. Here are some of the recent developments in the national capital which will change the life of a Delhiite for better.
Delhi Metro is in the process of adding about 258 new coaches on the Blue, Yellow and Red lines. These routes are the most-crowded and strengthening these routes would make the daily commute of almost 27 lakh people much easier. As many as 14 new eight-coach trains will be added on the Yellow Line, 3 new eight-coach trains will be added on the Blue Line, 10 coaches will be used for converting 6 coach trains into 8-coach metros on the Yellow Line, 74 coaches will be used for converting 6-coach trains into 8 coaches on the Blue Line and 38 coaches will be used for converting 4-coach trains into 6-coach trains on the Red Line. The trains are expected to be delivered by the end of 2017.

• Redevelopment initiative is in the full swing in East Kidwai Nagar and is scheduled for completion in 2019. Estimated at a cost of Rs 5,298 crore, the social infrastructure to be steered by the National Buildings Constructions Corporation (NBCC) is being built on the lines of sustainability. Solid waste management, rainwater harvesting, zero-waste discharge, solar heaters and lighting, command control system for security as well as an in-house recycling unit will ensure that the project is clean and non-polluting. Moreover, 4,608 modern units will replace the existing 2,444 units.

• Railway stations may soon get a facelift. To enrich the quality of services provided to passengers, a memorandum of understanding was signed by the Urban Development ministry and the Railways. The makeover would be more on the lines of a smart city, enabling smooth access and optimal utilisation of land. Among the ten cities that have been shortlisted, Sarai Rohilla in Delhi is one of the lucky candidates. The plan for the redevelopment of Anand Vihar station is also on the anvil.

• If you are someone harried by encroachments and hawkers even in the residential areas, the Delhi High Court has passed an order to deter hawkers or vendors to stay away from non-designated areas of the city.

• The litter bugs in the national capital will soon see a tough time. A bench of the Delhi High Court has suggested that civic agencies backed by the police should consider using CCTV footages to catch those dumping litter at the wrong places. That's called boosting livability!

Last Updated: Mon Nov 07 2016

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