5 Common Causes Of House Fire & Here’s How You Could Avoid

5 Common Causes Of House Fire & Here’s How You Could Avoid

5 Common Causes Of House Fire & Here’s How You Could Avoid

Looking at the recent incidents of fire accidents, it has become imperative for every household to keep an eye on all the possible causes. Although many developers construct keeping in mind the fire safety norms laid under the National Building Code, there are certain day-to-day activities that we do that could cause your house to catch fire. While you perform your daily chores, make sure you take vigil steps to make sure no mishap occurs.

MakaaniQ lists five common causes of house fire and tips on how you could avoid these:

Gas cylinders

One of the common causes of a house fire or even a blast is gas cylinders. Left open knobs of the stove or leakage in the cylinder could be a cause. Be careful when you enter the kitchen, in case you smell some gas fumes, open the doors and windows and shut down the knob of the cylinder. Avoid using electricity buttons in such a scenario. To completely avoid such a situation, when you are done cooking, make sure you turn off the main knob of the cylinder to ensure no supply of gas.

 Over-heated appliances

This is common in summers in Indian homes. The air-conditioners are switched on for hours, the refrigerator uses some more power to keep cool and other machinery generally heats up faster due to the hot weather. When using appliances during summers make sure you don’t over-stretch their application. For instance, when using air-conditioners add stabiliser to them and better, put them on energy-saving mode. While a stabiliser would ensure that the air-conditioner doesn’t heat up during electricity fluctuation, the energy-saving mode would completely turn off the appliance when the room has attained the set temperature.

Incense sticks

Religious as we are, many homes see burning of incense sticks every day. In case the burning residue falls or comes in contact with any cloth, it could cause a fire. In a scenario like this, make sure you keep these incense sticks away from any cloth, put a wooden or metallic stand under these incense sticks to ensure all the residue falls on them.

Inadequate wiring

If your house is equipped with inadequate wiring that cannot stand its time during peak power consumption, it could be a cause of fire. In case there is a continuous usage of high voltage appliances, the wires could heat and catch fire. Make sure the developer you are investing in has all the fire approvals. In case building your own home, use wires of higher tensile strength.

Careless smoking

If you or a family member smokes there is every need to be extra careful. Make sure rooms that are high on fabric – curtains, rugs or bedsheets – should be off-limits when smoking. Also, do not smoke in the kitchen. Ensure that smokers use the balcony for the purpose. Also equip your home with ashtrays and keep them away from things that are flammable.  

Last Updated: Fri Jul 06 2018

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