Zen Mode: Tips To Add Japanese-Style Interiors To Your Home

Zen Mode: Tips To Add Japanese-Style Interiors To Your Home

Zen Mode: Tips To Add Japanese-Style Interiors To Your Home

Japanese homes have simple style, aesthetic designs and calm spaces. The interior and architecture is influenced with serenity and cultural designs. If you are also impressed with the Japanese style of interior and wish to give a tranquil touch to your home, then MakaanIQ suggests some of the ways to do that.

Bring the nature indoor



Japanese have a special place in their heart for nature, which is also seen in their interiors. You can also add the Japanese touch to your home by bringing in traditional plants such as bamboo or bonsai that are common in the country. Otherwise, you can also add simple green plants like palm or orchids. Flower arrangements are not very common in Japanese home; hence, choose a plant which is more simple and green.

Special Japanese door

doors (2)(Dreamstime)

A traditional design element in Japanese homes is Shoji, which are authentic sliding doors or screens. Because of high cost of living, the homes in Japan are small and therefore, they use sliding doors and screens to save extra inches of space. Shojis are made of glass panels inside wooden grid. Incorporate this style in your home to save space when separating two section. These also add a modern look to your home.

Spa-like bathroom


Just like plants, water is also an essential element of Japanese interiors. They have soothing spa-like bathrooms with soaking tubs. These soaking tubs are comparatively small in size and usually have a bench seat alongside. Add one such soaking tub in your bath and create a spa-like environment at home.

Colours of the nature


Japanese' love for nature can also be seen from the colour palette they use at homes. Predominantly, the colours are derived from nature, i.e., the shades of brown and green. They generally install wooden flooring or grey stone tiles while the walls have subtle and light shades. Interestingly, the windows or sliding doors are covered with opaque sheets of paper which sometimes is printed, too.

All wood


Wooden element is also common in Japanese homes. Doors, walls, frames or screen grids are made of natural wood especially bamboo. Japanese also believe in minimal furniture in their homes. Their furniture is low to the ground and simple in design. They also use floor cushions to create a sitting area. Add similar furniture or sitting space at your home to give a Japanese look and home.

Last Updated: Tue Jun 07 2016

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