You Would Spend On These Sooner Or Later

You Would Spend On These Sooner Or Later

You Would Spend On These Sooner Or Later

You may delay such a purchase but nevertheless these are becoming an integral part of our lifestyle. Therefore, it makes sense to spend on these sooner, before they become so much of a rage that you may have to spend much more.

Home automation

Most young couples are working these days. Whether or not they have kids, the safety of one's property is a liability in itself. At a time when we talk about digitisation and smart living, the only way to really be smart is to use mechanisms that are energy efficient and resourceful. Home automation may look like it is expensive but it needn't be. Choose whatever suits your on-the-go lifestyle. For example, if you are someone who may find it difficult to turn off lights every now and then, why not opt for automatic and intelligent lighting? It saves you a lot of money although the initial cost may be higher.

If you have kids at home, the need to have an automated home to secure gadgets and electrical appliances, use child and maid locks or even a door alarms make sense. While it gives you a chance to control home even when you are not at home, it is totally value for money.

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Green homes

Although experts talk about the importance of green homes, very few opt for it because of high prices. However, in the long run, it can cut down on water and energy charges by almost half! Yes, the construction may cost you up to 8 per cent more than a regular home. However, thanks to its benefits, you could recover this cost within five years.

Over time, the resale value also becomes higher which should be good news for investors. One should also note that such homes are easier to maintain because the raw material used for construction is far better than the regular one.

Rahamn Baig, principal architect at Evolve Architecture Studio says that while a normal house may remain in good health for 50-60 years, with a green home, 'life expectancy' of the building can be close to a hundred years. Besides, it provides you with enhanced air quality, day lighting as well as the preservation of natural resources come across as the best gain.

For developers taking the cue, incentives to build green constructions are many. For example, in Noida and Greater Noida, projects built over 5,000 sq mt and above can avail a free five per cent additional floor area ratio (FAR) if they comply with 4 or 5 star Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment (GRIHA) ratings. Similarly, under Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation or PCMC, there is a 15 per cent rebate on property tax as well as up to 50 per cent on a premium for those developers who comply with GRIHA rating. West Bengal, too,  offers an additional 10 per cent floor area ratio (FAR) for green buildings. Jaipur too takes the lead. There is a 5 per cent free FAR for a 4- or 5-star project as per GRIHA, provided the construction is over 5,000 sq mt.

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Prefab homes

If you are a prospective home buyer, it is time to realise that if you want to insure your under-construction home from unwarranted project delays, you may have to give your developer firm, the leeway to adopt new ways of construction. In the light of Housing For All by 2022, speedy constructions would go a long way to assure roofs over people's head. 

While most Indians are used to the traditional brick and mortar way, when asked, Dr PR Swarup, director general of Construction Industry Development Council (CIDC) says that there are absolutely no disadvantages of going for prefabricated homes. However, the only drawback at the moment is a lack of awareness which may lead to unsold inventory of such stock at the moment. Moreover, if designed well, it is as good as anything else when it comes to resisting an earthquake, says Dr Shih Ho Chao, Associate Professor in Structural Engineering at the University of Texas.

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Last Updated: Wed Jan 04 2017

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