You Won't Regret Trying This Cool Décor Trend

You Won't Regret Trying This Cool Décor Trend

You Won't Regret Trying This Cool Décor Trend

You can never go wrong with this. It can suddenly take your home's style quotient a few notches higher. It can add colours to your home. What is it? This trending technique is called colour blocking.

In this technique, solid hues are added to a room decorated with neutral colours. If done with perfection, colour blocking not only makes your home look spacious but also creates right focal points. Moreover, it would give your home a more personal touch.

MakaaniQ lists ways in which you could use colour blocking to give a new look to your home:

Vibrant curtains


To start with, pick one of your rooms and add solid colour curtains to the room. This will create a focal point in the room and also add a dash of brightness to it. For instance, a room with a base of white, add blue or yellow solid curtains for the desired look. Want to make it look classy? Layer these curtains with white organza curtains.

Layer it


Want to experiment further? Use one solid colour of your choice and place it in small degrees across the room. For instance, have curtains, small plant pots, cushions or a small rug. This will make your room look brighter and even create small focal points, too.

Go dramatic


For those who love colour, this trend is perfect. Add a mix of solid bright colours for your home. You can add some to cushions, pots, flowers, rugs or other decorative accessories. Make sure you pick the right mix and not use more than four solid colours in one room depending on the size.

Segregate spaces


This trend could be used to segregate spaces in a home. For instance, if you live in a studio apartment or you have an open plan kitchen, different solid hues can help segregate the areas. For a studio apartment, pick three solid colours to divide your living space, bedroom and kitchen.

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Last Updated: Wed Jun 28 2017

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