You Could Save Money With Solar Paints

You Could Save Money With Solar Paints

You Could Save Money With Solar Paints

Solar energy is becoming one of the most harnessed renewable energies that people across the world are relying on. With people adopting solar energy to power their homes, not many have ample space or budget to install the panels to take full advantage. In order to put solar energy to larger use, scientists have come up with solar paints. Though these paints have been talked about, it is now that the product has been developed further to make it functional and viable to use. MakaaniQ tells you more about solar paints:

  • The newly developed solar paints can absorb water vapour and split it to generate hydrogen, making it one of the most cleanest source of energy.
  • Championed as a technology, it could address the growing energy crisis across the world, these paints can be painted over a window as a thin solar panel making it viable for homes small in space for large solar panels.
  • These paints now have silica gel in them, which means these can easily absorb moisture content.
  • Moreover, these paints also have synthetic molybdenum-sulphide, that acts as a semi-conductor and splitting of water atoms into hydrogen and oxygen.
  • When titanium oxide, a white pigment already used in wall paints, is added to this special paint, it makes the usual brick wall into an energy harvesting wall.
  • Not just homes, these paints can also help produce fuel needed to run the house. The hydrogen produced can be the cleanest energy to use. So, while you save on electricity bills, you also generate fuel thus saving money there, too.
  • The product is expected to market viable in five years.

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Last Updated: Thu Jul 27 2017

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