World's Most Wish-Listed Property Is A 2BHK, Meant For 2

World's Most Wish-Listed Property Is A 2BHK, Meant For 2

World's Most Wish-Listed Property Is A 2BHK, Meant For 2

There is nothing extraordinary — in the conventional sense of the word — about the world's most-wish-listed property. It is not a grand beach-facing property. It is not some fancy-old castle. It is not some power house from where political might oozes. It is also not something very high or tall. This may come as a mighty surprise to you, but this house which most people in the world would love to live in is only a 2BHK unit, in which not more than two people can live at a time. Data available with Airbnb, a leading online marketplace for hospitality and related services, show this home in Atlanta, US, is much loved. According to the company website, over 151,330 people have saved the listing to their “wish list”. Now, what makes this home so special?

  • It's not just any other 2BHK house. This one is a Georgia treehouse that has three rooms connected by rope bridges. Already see your excitement levels growing? Wait! In the living room, antique furnishings await you. These antique furnishings include 80-year-old butterfly-filled windows. There is also a balcony overlooking an acre of lush woods. Hoping to sleep like a child with all your worries past you? Well, you will. “The loblolly double bed is fitted with the world's best bedding — cozy, organic linens from Parachute. The bed is equipped with wheels so it can either be rolled out onto a platform that overlooks the stream below or inside the room,” reads the site. “Vintage decor and natural artifacts add as much to the comfort of the setting as they do to its charm,” it adds further.
  • For an extended thrill, a deck outfitted with a hammock and a dart board is available only for you. “Open to the elements and immersed in thick greenery, the deck surrounds the "Old Man", a 150-year-old Southern Short-Leaf Pine tree — the largest of the seven trees that support the treehouse suite — who watches over the property and its guests.”
  • Is it not perfect? Well, there is a little hitch. The treehouse does not have a bathroom. To use the restrooms, you will have to go to basement of the property after making a 30-second walk. Considering the fun you will have, this little hitch seems almost insignificant.
  • Now comes the question, how much do you pay to stay in this what the website calls a hidden gem? To spend a night in the treehouse, you have to pay $375. However, you do have to stay a minimum of two days.
Last Updated: Mon Jul 31 2017

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