World's First Rotating Tower To Adorn Dubai Skyline By 2020

World's First Rotating Tower To Adorn Dubai Skyline By 2020

World's First Rotating Tower To Adorn Dubai Skyline By 2020

Dubai is synonymous to future and that is how it is has been developed over the years. Dubai doesn't cease to amaze everyone across the globe. This time the futuristic city is all set to welcome the world's first rotating tower.

In a recent article we shared some rotating homes, and now the concept is going bigger and implemented on a skyscraper. MakaaniQ shares interesting fact about this one-of-its-kind project coming up in Dubai:

  • The project is a brainchild of architect David Fisher of Dynamic Architecture.
  • Termed as Dynamic Tower, it will be an 80-storey moving skyscraper. It will be 1,378 ft tall.
  • All the floors of this structure will be designed to rotate 360 degrees individually and in both directions.

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  • The concept emerged after Fisher took inspiration from his project Olympic Tower in New York. During the making of the project, he realised that the beautiful panoramic view of the city was not visible to the occupants. Hence, the idea of rotating the structure and giving a complete view to everyone in the building.
  • It will be a mixed-use property that will house a hotel, commercial space and residential apartments.
  • The design idea that was pitched by Fisher in 2008 never took off but now that it has, it is expected that the tower will be adorning Dubai's skyline by 2020.
  • Once completed, it will also be among the tallest structures in Dubai.

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  • So, how will the Dynamic Tower rotate? Using technology, the residents will have a voice-activated system using which they could command for the apartments to spin.
  • What's more? The residents will have a car parking on their respective floors. So a special elevator will be created to let you take your vehicle to your floor and park it.
  • The tower will be powered by up to 79 wind turbines placed horizontally between the floors and solar panels placed on the roof of each floor. These could generate up to 1.2 million kilowatt-hours of energy each year.
  • This will also be the world's first prefabricated skyscraper, where 40 factory-built modules will be used and stacked on location. So, 90 per cent of the skyscraper will be factory-built, which will fasten the construction process and bring down the on-site construction cost by nearly 30 per cent.
  • Want to live here? Dynamic Architecture says that each apartment here would range between $4 million and $40 million.
Last Updated: Mon Mar 06 2017

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