Work In Style: 5 Coolest Offices Across The World

Work In Style: 5 Coolest Offices Across The World

Work In Style: 5 Coolest Offices Across The World

A workplaces is an integral part of our daily routine, a place where we spend 8-10 hours of our day. So, how would it feel to work in an office space that is designed so well that you wouldn't want to leave, a space that motivates and only, makes you work better.

Some of the business giants across the world have gone out of their way to provide their employees with an environment that helps them become more creative and productive.

MakaanIQ takes you on a tour of five coolest offices across the world:



The tech giant CISCO had a standard office, which was considered to be boring by its own employees. But, the new design of the office in collaboration with the CISCO IT and Resources now offers its employees an open and flexible workspace. The new design has increased employee satisfaction.



Most of us are not in a habit of leaving office on time, we rather sit for longer hours. Well, not for the employees of Heldergroen.  This Amsterdam-based design studio just disappears! You heard it right. As the clock strikes six in the evening, the desks start to roll up, paperwork and all into the ceiling with the help of the steel cables.

Work from home


A phrase that could make any employee drool. Well, this could be a reality. To enjoy the luxury of work from home and yet ensure productivity, London-based architecture company designed a gorgeous home office that will win your heart. These offices are made of curved timber structure and are a perfect home office away from home. These offices are equipped with every tiny detail a home would have and it can be a home with all the tiny details of an office.



The gaming giant Riot, allows it employees to play at work. All the employees in its Santa Monica-office are working and always playing.



What better way to spend every day as a weekend. The employees at Heineken's US office have access to an in-office bar that allows them to enjoy a beer while taking a short break.

Last Updated: Thu Aug 04 2016

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