With 753 Green Buildings, Mumbai Tops The Chart, Delhi Follows

With 753 Green Buildings, Mumbai Tops The Chart, Delhi Follows

With 753 Green Buildings, Mumbai Tops The Chart, Delhi Follows

Mumbai being the commercial capital of India, there is high demand for residential and commercial spaces. Despite the growing demand for new constructions the one thing that the city is doing that is in its favour is that is focussing on constructing environment-friendly buildings. As per the statistical report released by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), ahead of its 14th Green Building Congress, Mumbai ranked on top of the list with 753 buildings having advanced power and water conservation methods and better garbage and sewage management system. Mumbai is followed by Delhi at the second place with 497 green building and Pune securing the third place.  Green Building, is a term frequently used in the real estate sector. In the present times when there is widespread pollution in all the major cities, the environmentalists are worried about how to reduce pollution. Given the ever rising demand of residential complexes, it has become even more important to construct buildings that are environmental-friendly.

A green building is a structure, the construction of which doesn't affect the environment and the operation of the building will not harm the environment and would not disrupt the land, water, resources and energy in and around the building. Including Mumbai and Pune, Maharashtra has more than 1,000 green buildings. On one hand, where the moneyed and educated section of the city have understood the importance and the need for green buildings and go green, the message is a little difficult to convey to the masses. Mumbai still needs to go a long way, but for now, it should be an inspiration for other cities in India to start going green for the environment. 

Here are some of the prominent green buildings in India.

Last Updated: Fri Nov 11 2016

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