#WinterIsComing: 5 Ways To Cosy Up Your Home

#WinterIsComing: 5 Ways To Cosy Up Your Home

#WinterIsComing: 5 Ways To Cosy Up Your Home

The winters are here and so is the time to get your home ready for the season. MakaaniQ shares some quick ideas to make your home a cosy and warm space this winter:

Block unwanted airflow

Check all the gaps between doors and their frames as well as windows and their frames. These gaps attract unwanted air to slip inside. While you could mend some major errors, for a minuscule gap, cover the doors and windows with thick curtains. This will stop the air to spread around. Also, to retain the heat inside of the house, keep the doors shut when not in use.

Mend damp walls

Are there any walls in your home that have dampness due to leakage? Mend them already by calling in a painter and giving it an all new layer of putty and paint. A damp wall will make the room cold and generate foul smell.

Use a fireplace

It's time to go back in time and use the old fireplace. Clean up the area and light the fireplace to warm up the room. In case you do not have a fireplace, you could invest in an electric fireplace, which is also environment-friendly.

Create space

While you dress up your home for winters, you are also up about bringing out that heavy load of winter clothes. Start clearing up space in your wardrobe to fit these in. Along with clothes, also clear up some space for the blankets that will keep you cosy while you have good night's sleep.

Ready the leisure spaces

Winters are the time to laze around when at home. Your favourite book, a mug of hot chocolate and the reading corner and you are set for a perfect evening. So, place some cosy rugs, candles, reading lamp, and blankets to create a warm and comfortable reading corner. Also, to ensure you don't catch a cold as soon as you come out of the bath, place a rug in your bathroom, too.

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