Will India Welcome The Tiny Homes Concept?

Will India Welcome The Tiny Homes Concept?

Will India Welcome The Tiny Homes Concept?

The Tiny House Movement that began in the United States of America to propagate the idea of 'mini homes' is now being adopted worldwide slowly and gradually. Understanding that the global population is on a rise and the space to dwell is getting smaller every year, this movement was started and people volunteered to downsize the space they are living in.

So, what is a tiny home?

While a typical house in the US is spread over an area of 2,600 sq ft, a tiny home can be constructed in a space ranging 100 sq ft to 400 sq ft. By adopting a compact dwelling space, the people can aim to conserve energy, space and finances. While a small space can ensure that there is no resource crunch to operate it, the size and conservation of energy ensures that lesser finances are put into the property. Moreover, a smaller space means that more people can be accommodated in the same 2,600-sq ft space which on an average was used by a family of four or six.

Can this be helpful for India?

Certainly. This movement if adopted by India can help fulfill its dream of 'Housing for All' by 2022. More homes could be constructed in a given space, giving a roof to a larger population. Moreover, this concept can prove financially viable for those for whom a home of their own remains a far-fetched idea for their whole life.

Sounds good? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Can you construct one for yourself?Construction  of a home on a small land parcel can be a challenge. If you can find the right architect as well as a contractor, that's when you should think of going in for small homes such as these.
  • Can you dwell in a small space?A small space cannot accommodate many. If you are a couple planning a family in near future or are already a family of four, this may not be the right choice for you. Think long-term. Can the space you are planning to build accommodate two adults and two growing children who will soon be adults wanting their own space? This is a viable option for singles or just couples or even old couples living alone.
  • Can you do with less? Are you comfortable with a home that has only one bedroom and a bathroom? Or a home that cannot accommodate all your beautification and interior designing plans? If you can survive in a space where there is literally no room for too many things you would want to bring and then living in a tiny home is a viable option.
  • Can you share?How about living with a roommate in a home like this? You can further reduce your finances by sharing the bills, that is, money spent on repairs and other things.
  • Where to park?These garage-size homes do not have a garage, so if you have a car to park, construct a driveway instead.
Last Updated: Fri Jul 20 2018

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