Why You Should Go Green With Your Rental Property

Why You Should Go Green With Your Rental Property

Why You Should Go Green With Your Rental Property

Going green will certainly set your rental property stand out of the crowd. It can come out as a unique point fetching you good rental rates. Makaan IQ explains how going green with your rental property can come out as a great deal:

A unique selling point

If your rental property is installed with energy efficient appliances, low flow toilets, low VOC paint, ceiling fans and aerating showerheads, then this facilities can come out as a unique selling points. The trend of green housing is getting popular in India. Green homes are the future that the country is heading towards. As a result, investing in making your rental property eco-friendly will certainly come out as a lucrative deal for tenants.

Lower electricity and water bills

Eco-friendly home means low utility prices. By installing these water saving aerators you can save water up to 80 per cent. Low water use urinals will save around 2.8 litres per flush. This helps in saving water bills. It is said that green homes save 50 per cent of energy and around 30 per cent of water. Using construction materials like clay will further lower down the electricity bills. Such monetary benefits will come out as a lucrative incentive for your home.

A good rate of return on sale

Needs of the modern society demand green homes. For creating green homes, government will soon be giving incentives in the form of cheaper loans and lower registration fees. This means that in the future, the cost of making green homes will go down. Also, green homes will be the demand of the future. This will ensure a good rate of return on sale.

Build a sense of pride amongst the tenants

Creating eco-friendly rental homes will build a sense of pride amongst your tenants. The reduction in carbon foot print would make it popular too.

Lower turnover rates

Living in a green house is more comfortable than living in a conventional building. Superior lighting, weatherization and ventilation requirements adds to the living experience. Along with this, low operational costs will reduce the turnover rates.

Higher rentals

Green homes would attract tenants as the operational cost of living in the house is lower. Also, the ample number of benefits of living in a green home will attract higher rentals.

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Last Updated: Thu Aug 03 2017

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