What Makes Singapore's Changi Airport So Special?

What Makes Singapore's Changi Airport So Special?

What Makes Singapore's Changi Airport So Special?

One cannot talk enough about the sheer beauty of it. The world's best airport –Changi Airport — will always be talked about for its drop-dead gorgeousness. However, the airport that for the fifth time in a row won the best in show award at the World Airport Award in March this year is not just beauty. The airport was for 17 times in a row named among the top three airports in the world by World Airport Award. In a recent survey conducted by AirHelp, a legal company handling fliers' grievances, Changi Airport received the top gong. The survey that analysed 76 airports based its ratings on service, quality, punctuality and passenger sentiment.

Here are five things that make this airport that handled 58.7 million passengers in 2016 so unique:

  • At Terminal 3, the airport hosts a butterfly garden. (The airport has four terminals. The last one opens for public in the second half of this year.)  This is the world's first butterfly garden in an airport is "designed as a tropical butterfly habitat with a profusion of flowering plants, lush greenery and a six-metre grotto-waterfall". You will see about 1,000 tropical butterflies from as many as 40 species during the different seasons of the year. 

Terminal 3, Changi Airport(Shutterstock)

  • Terminal 3 also hosts the world's tallest slide in an airport. You have to "shriek your way down" from this 12-metre high slide covering six metres per second. Ready to roll? You have to be at least 1.3 metres tall. This terminal also hosts a movie theatre and a Koi pond.

Changi Airport, Terminal 3(Shutterstock)

  • Terminal 2 hosts an Orchid Garden that features more than 700 orchids of 30 species. Through various colours and shapes, these blooming buds represent the four elements of nature. White orchids displayed with floating glass bubbles represent the air while rare brown and green orchids displayed with tree root sculptures represent the earth element.  Floral columns simulating giant candles represent the fire element while clustered blue and violet orchids represent the water element.  This terminal also has a sunflower garden, an enhanced garden and an entertainment deck.

Changi Airport, Terminal 2(Shutterstock)

  • Terminal 1 has two Kinetic Rain sculptures, made of 1,216 bronze droplets. Each sculpture can form 16 different shapes — from abstract art forms to recognisable patterns. This includes an aeroplane, a hot air balloon, a kite and a dragon. The design element in each shape shows the movement of flight through slow, fluid movements. "Each droplet weighs 180 grams, and is made of lightweight aluminium with a hollow centre. Depending on the shape of the art form, the droplets travel a maximum distance of 7.3 metres from the ceiling to the lowest point of the pattern," says the official site. This terminal also has a cactus garden, a water lily garden and a swimming pool with Jacuzzi.

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  • There are 3,264 recycling boxes and 33 donation boxes at the airport.
Last Updated: Thu Jul 27 2017

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