Steps Involved In Interior Designing

Steps Involved In Interior Designing

Steps Involved In Interior Designing
Interior decorators help you visualise how your dream home should look. (Imagesbazaar)

Dream homes are built only once (well, in most cases) and beautifying them is of crucial importance. For the creative utilisation of the available space in your home, seeking help of interior decorators has long been in fashion. From carpenters to plumbers, interiors designers do their best to give a perfect aesthetic touch to your home.

Who is an interior designer

An interior designer is an expert in textures, colours and furniture combinations that would render the best ambience for a house. They usually work in coordination with architects, electricians and building contractors to deliver the house as visualised by the client. There are also interior designing firms that take up each case separately and cater to the client's needs. 

The stage

Hiring an interior designers and working with them involve various stages.

  • In the initial stage, the interior designer comprehends client requirements and visualises the home.
  • The designer then makes a broad plan on how the space is going to be used, what will be the materials involved and the estimated budget.
  • A final plan is then generated for the client to help him visualise the house.
  • A timeline is fixed and the interior designer will proceed to coordinate with the contractors to work on different schedules.
  • Once the designer is through with the projected design, the client will finalise whether the work done is as per the plan shown.

The stage is set to enter your beautifully designed home now.

Last Updated: Fri May 27 2016

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