Ways To Secure Your Backyard

Ways To Secure Your Backyard

Ways To Secure Your Backyard

Speaking of home security, we all ensure that we have automated locks, burglar alarms and other security requisites. Though these security technology is installed to keep the indoors safe, we miss out on the fact that most of the security violation begins in the backyard as intruders approach the house from this part of your property.

MakaanIQ lists a few ways you could secure your backyard from trespassers:


Fence is the first hurdle that an intruder would faces while approaching your home. A fence around your backyard has to be high so that it is impossible to climb it. It should also have spiked and sharp ends to ensure that is someone manages to trespass is injured.


Lighting the path around the backyard with bright lights and motion sensor lights could keep the trespassers away as they attack only in darkness.


Many homeowners like to install a sliding glass door in the back of their homes. While these doors are great to let the natural light in, they can be real security threats, too.

The locking patterns of these doors can easily be decoded by an amateur burglar. Make sure you supplement it with a key lock from inside and keep it locked when you are not around your backyard.

Overgrown landscaping

Overgrown hedge, unwanted shrubs and untrimmed trees can easily be a hiding for the trespassers, thus, a common security problem.

Huge hedges and big trees block the view of neighbouring homes and act as a hideout for the intruders.

Regularly trim your hedge and tress and clear the clutter from your backyard so that your neighbours can easily see into your backyard.  

Last Updated: Tue Jul 19 2016

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