Ways To Decorate Your House This Makar Sankranti

Ways To Decorate Your House This Makar Sankranti

Ways To Decorate Your House This Makar Sankranti

Most of us are gearing up to celebrate the festival of Makar Sankranti, an event celebrated by Hindus with much fervour and festivity. This festival brings to our mind the thought of a lot many interesting things, including mouth-watering delicacies such as til laddus (sweet made of sesame seeds), jalebis, and bonfire and kite flying. However, decorating our homes is equally important on the occasion.

This Makar Sankranti, MakaaniQ offers some ideas to brighten up your abode, too:

The rangoli

Use your creativity to come up with some really out-of-the-box rangoli designs for your home entrance and other prominent areas of your house like the Puja Room. In case you are not too proficient at it, opt for artificial/ acrylic rangoli stickers or floor murals which are also available online nowadays.

The lighting

Go traditional by using the customary oil lamps or diyas. Paper lanterns are another easy way of adding charm to the living space. Some suggestions for DIY (do it yourself) lamps include plastic bottle lamps, egg carton lamps, doily lights, sea shell lights or recycle lanterns using old sauce and jam jars.

The flowers

No Hindu festival is complete without flowers. Make a floral statement with varied flowers available from the market. Let the freshness and fragrance of these beautiful flowers boost the festive spirit.

The dining

Makar Sankranti is a festival most remembered for the delicacies that are prepared during the occasion. To serve them in style is another aspect you must be mindful of; this should also figure as part of your home décor planning. The dining table of your house must look ready for the occasion. Ensure thoughtful arrangement of sweets and snacks, probably on a gold or silver plated bowl or trays. Support the look with eye-catching candle holders.

The kite craft

Encourage your children to create some impressive crafts or wall hangings for decoration. They could include interesting patterns such as kites, butterfly or flowers. If that is not feasible, look up for some eye-catching wall murals or wallpapers for adding sparkle to your residence.

Last Updated: Fri Jan 11 2019

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