Ways to Create A Disabled-Friendly Home

Ways to Create A Disabled-Friendly Home

Ways to Create A Disabled-Friendly Home

If you have a person with special needs at home, you feel sorry for him. But feeling sorry is different from being considerate. It's disheartening to see that a majority of home improvement solutions are not meant for them. But you can do your bit and show love and care to them. Although planning a disabled-friendly home requires lot of planning, MakaanIQ shares a few tips to make home disabled-compliant.

  • More moving space

It is essential that the home has a more space to move around. Remove all unnecessary obstructions so that he can roam freely without getting hurt. Ensure that the floor tiles and carpets do not have loose or rough edges. Be minimalistic in your approach.

  • General organisation of home

You have to constantly work on your home to make it 'perfect' to navigate. Portable wheel chair ramps can be a great option when there are less chances of modifications. Organized cupboards can make cooking easy and enjoyable. Similar items can be grouped together and placed in convenient locations.

  • Overall safety

The home should have disabled-friendly items such as grab rails in the bathroom giving support to the person. For safety reasons, there should be automatic doors and entry system. There should be ramps and wheelchair-friendly flooring. All efforts should be made to ensure the overall safety of the people living in the home.

  • Renovate your home

Make hallways wide enough to give passage to wheelchair users. Bathrooms should be installed with flooring that is not slippery. Kitchens should have countertops at a lower height. As there is always a large scale of work to do, you can make constant improvements throughout. 

Last Updated: Tue May 31 2016

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