Wardrobe Designs For Your Bedroom

Wardrobe Designs For Your Bedroom

Wardrobe Designs For Your Bedroom

Creating storage space in your own bedroom is a must—there are so many things in this area that need to be kept in their places to keep the space clear of clutter. Now, let us see how to do it right when you go creating storage in the bedroom.



Have ample space in your bedroom? We would suggest to have a walk-in wardrobe. Your love for luxury and a lot of stuff to store, a walk-in wardrobe would ensure a storage that is well-organised. This room-size wardrobe would not interfere with the decor of your bedroom and ensure you have privacy while you dress up. For those who have enough space, you could create a dressing area in the wardrobe itself.

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These wardrobes provide you with ample space to store almost everything you have. Wall-to-ceiling wardrobes cover an entire wall with different sections allowing to you to store your clothing, shoes, accessories and also, extra furnishing. Such wardrobes are apt for a clutter-free room that is not very spacious.



Love to flaunt your stylish wardrobe? A see-through wardrobe with transparent or frosted glass doors is what you would love to have. However, for such a wardrobe, you will have to ensure that it is well-kept and clean all the time. Such a wardrobe, if not kept well, could kill the look of your bedroom completely. This wardrobe is also known to make your room look spacious, too.

Compact wooden


Such wardrobe is easy to move and can be moved from one area to the other in case you want to change the setting of your room. A compact wooden wardrobe is for those who require limited storage and ample space in their room.

Mirror front


For those who would want to double up your wardrobe into a ceiling-to-floor mirror, could try this design. Cover the front of the sliding doors of your wardrobe with mirror to turn it into one life-size mirror. Along with making dressing up easy, this wardrobe could be a boon for a small room, too, as the mirror would make the room look brighter and bigger.

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  • List the types of essentials you need to place in to wardrobe.
  • Pick on whether you want one big or two smaller wardrobes in the room.
  • Decide on the types of sections you would want in the wardrobe.
  • Make optimum use of the space available in your room.
  • See if you could double up the use of this wardrobe with a dresser or a television cabinet.

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Last Updated: Fri Feb 08 2019

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