Walt Disney's Palm Springs Home Sold

Walt Disney's Palm Springs Home Sold

Walt Disney's Palm Springs Home Sold

The house of film producer, entrepreneur and animator Walt Disney in Palm Springs has been sold. Here is all you need to know about the property:

The deal

The property, which has been on the market for almost seven months now, finally found buyers and was sold for $865,000. It was listed in November 2016 for an asking price of $899,000. The home, known as “Walt's Technicolor Dream House”, was built for Walt Disney and his wife Lillian for their later years. A retreat property, it was owned by their family members until two years ago. It was sold by the owners in 2015 for $650,000 and the property was later revamped giving it the complete look and feel of Disney's property.


The property is spread in an area of 2,443 sq ft, with four bedrooms. It is a ranch-style home which was until recently a vacation rental and was fetching $1,820 to $4,840 a week.

The property has everything a Disney fan would dream of. The interiors have the personal touch of Walt Disney with quotes painted inside the closet. There is one wall in the home that features a small, baseboard-level painting. This appears to portray Disney holding hands with Mickey Mouse. It also has glass walls, a backyard swimming pool, a spa, a gas fireplace in family room, a two-car garage and outdoor dining and recreation areas. Disney had referred to this property as his "laughing place".

Constructed in 1962, this is the second property that Disney owned in Palm Springs. He had sold his first property to fund the construction of Disneyland. Disney died four years after the property was built. He was 65.

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Last Updated: Wed Jun 21 2017

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