Vastu Tips For A Store Room

Vastu Tips For A Store Room

Vastu Tips For A Store Room

Store rooms show the idea of adjustment and usability. We store excess items in store rooms so that we can use them when the need arises. It should be constructed in a way that it comes out to be a safe and stable. Thus, it becomes important to follow Vastu Tips for creating a store room.


The store room should be placed in the north-western or southwest corner of the home. This direction is appropriate as it prevents accumulation of things. In case you want to store heavy equipment in the room, then southwest corner is just perfect. Never locate the store room in the east or north direction. The favourable position for the entrance of the store room is south west. The store must have two shutters.

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Store room's height should not be same as of other rooms. The height of the store room must be elevated. The height should be such that it is not reachable by children. Light colours such as yellow, white or sky blue must be used in a store room. The reason behind this is that these colours reflect and re-reflect the sunlight. This ensures that the sun rays keep the entire room bacteria-free and dry.

Some additional tips

  • Oil, ghee, refined and gas cylinder must be stored in South-east corner.
  • Don't place an empty container in the storage room.
  • As per Vastu Shastra sleeping in a storage room is not a recommended practice. This is because the vibrations of non-living things interfere with the vibrations produced by the brain.
  • Avoid placing idols of God in this room. You can always place a picture of Lord Vishnu on the east wall.
  • Use big pitchers and containers for storing water in the storage area.
  • Store room should never have irregular shape. The room must be either in square or rectangular shape.
  • Avoid keeping jewellery, cash or any important documents in this room.
  • Keep the eastern side of the store room vacant.
Last Updated: Thu Jun 08 2017

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