Use Copper To Add Bling & Cool Both To Your Home

Use Copper To Add Bling & Cool Both To Your Home

Use Copper To Add Bling & Cool Both To Your Home

The metal copper, known for its cooling properties, has been put to many uses in the world of construction. This metal, known as tamba in Hindi, is believed to have a cooling impact not only on the body but also on the mind. It is a popular belief that by incorporating copper in your home décor, you are sure to achieve mental, physical and spiritual calm.

We are some ways you can use copper in your home to keep it cool as well as bling:

What is cooking…


Bring home a revamped version of copper utensils. Mixed with ceramic, metal or porcelain, copper utensils these days are designed to add to your home décor. How about a set of cutlery, cooking pans or a set of pitcher and glasses made of copper? Tese cooking pans can be hung on walls and doubled up as decorative, too.

On the walls

copper walls(dario1.com)

A trend that is being seen across homes is of creating accent walls by either using copper metal sheets or adding a dash of copper colour, using wallpapers. You could take your pick. Want to go all out with the bling? Flaunt a wall covered with copper metal sheets. If you want to add the colour in a subtle way, a wallpaper with an accent of copper would work wonders.

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Keep it clean

Copper Sanitaryware(Dreamstime)

We are sure you know the valves and pipes fitted in your bathroom are made of copper, along with many other materials. Why not bring the material to the forefront and install sanitary ware that is copper in colour. Available widely, copper sanitaryware can instantly give your bathroom a rich look when used with colours such as white, black or grey.

Bright and shining


If you have a thing for industrial décor, lighting fixtures coloured in copper can give your home a grungy look. Be it a chandelier, wall scones or even a tall side lamp, copper can give an accent that is bling but not over the top. Moreover, the colour can also soothe your mind.

The knick-knacks

copper planters(theurbanlist.com)

For a home that is contemporary and designed using pastel colours, adding decorative in copper could create focal points in your home — indoor planters in copper, wall clock in copper, and photo frames made of copper, you will be spoilt for choices. But, when you installing these decorative, make sure they have a contemporary design that is minimal.

Sitting well with copper

Copper furniture


Copper accent instead of wooden is the new thing. Articles of furniture, including chairs, table or bed, made of copper metal or painted in that shade can be an interesting way to add the colour to your home. But, when incorporating the colour, make sure it is done subtly.

The tiny-little things


Don't want to go for copper in your furniture? Add copper furnishings to your otherwise contemporary furniture. For instance, cushions with copper metallic embellishments, a rug in copper, or curtains that are in copper colour can add the rich look to your home.

Last Updated: Fri Feb 17 2017

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