U-Shaped Tower To Make New York Skyline A Vision To Behold

U-Shaped Tower To Make New York Skyline A Vision To Behold

U-Shaped Tower To Make New York Skyline A Vision To Behold

A vision unveiled by a Greek architect is all set to give a makeover to the New York skyline. Coming soon to dot the city skyline is a U-shaped residential tower. Ioannis Oikonomou of Oiio Studio recently unveiled the plans of constructing in what is being touted as the world's longest building. Here is all you need to know about this new structure:

  • Called Big Bend, the new structure has been proposed by Ioannis Oikonomou, the principal architect of the design studio, Oiio.
  • It is a slender tower that, according to the drawings, reaches its apex and then curves back down. A first look and you would think it is a roller coaster ride.
  • Once constructed, the structure will be 4,000-foot long and will be known as the world's longest building. It will stand 200 ft taller than the city's present tallest structure, the One World Trade Centre.

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  • It will be located at Billionaire's Row on the 57th Street, southern border of the Central Park.
  • Interestingly, reports suggest that the structure will have elevators that travel in curves horizontally and in continuous loops. The elevators will have a track changing system that would connect the two shafts horizontally on the top and the bottom, creating a continuous loop.
  • The structure is expected to house luxurious residential apartments. According to Oikonomou, the structure will ensure huge profits for investors. He is of the view that the city of New York has become one giant hotel where people are investing in luxurious condos but not really living in them. Hence, investors could buy and use such properties for sale and even rental.

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Last Updated: Fri Mar 31 2017

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