5 Types Of Swings To Add Playfulness To Your Modern Home

5 Types Of Swings To Add Playfulness To Your Modern Home

5 Types Of Swings To Add Playfulness To Your Modern Home

They adorn the children’s play area in big housing complex today, but swings (we call them jhoola in Hindi) have been part of traditional Indian homes since time immemorial. Installed in courtyards, lawns or balconies, swings have been used as to add a touch of playfulness to in the overall scheme of home décor themes for longer than we know. Have you been meaning to make this addition in your home, too? Let us find out which type could be the best for your home. 

Hammock: For big homes


One says the word hammock and we imagine a cool beach! These are the ultimate relaxation swings one could have to get a complete holiday vibe right at home. These are available in various styles making them apt for both indoors and outdoors.

While some have to be tied between two pillars, you could also find some hammocks that come with a stand of their own. Made of light material such as cotton ropes and canvas cloth, these can be easily moved and placed in different areas of the home.

Bubble swing: For small homes


The most commonly found swing in Indian homes is the bubble swing. These are widely available across online and local stores. These swings are mostly made of easy-to-maintain cane or plastic wicker that makes this product sturdy. These can be placed both indoors and outdoors depending on the space available. You could further decorate these with string lights and coloured cushions.

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Suspended sofa-cum-bed: For indoors


Give your living room an informal element by adding a suspended sofa-cum-bed. Simply replace the master sofa with this wide-base swing that can be used for both sitting and lying purposes. These are largely available in wood or wrought iron and can be painted and upholstered in sync with the other furniture in the living room. These can be installed by being suspended from the ceiling using metal-hooked chains these swings that make it sturdy to hold the weight of two adults. These are best suited for the indoors.

Plastic wicker swing: For outdoors


Made of plastic wicker, this swing is best-suited for an outdoor setting as it can withstand different weather conditions. Those who have a front lawn or a balcony with a ceiling can install this swing. Apt for two, this swing can be upholstered with cushions to add comfort for the users. These are mostly available in dark colours, including grey, black and brown, making them stain-resistant and easy to clean.

Homemade swing: For outdoors as well as indoors


Those who like to do things their way need not go out to adorn their homes with a swing. All they need is a spare car type, some paint and plastic or jute ropes. Just painting the tyre, attach the ropes, find a place and hang it. If you are handing it outside, it could be a robust three in your lawn. If you are hanging it inside, attach hooks into your ceiling.

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Last Updated: Wed Apr 24 2019

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