Want A Smart Home? 5 Security Threats You Should Be Aware Of

Want A Smart Home? 5 Security Threats You Should Be Aware Of

Want A Smart Home? 5 Security Threats You Should Be Aware Of

Internet of Things or IoT, which was once a far-fetched dream, is now moving towards becoming a technology for mass consumption. With its implementation in cities, the technology that promotes artificial intelligence will now be moving into homes too.
However exciting this sounds, when we say turning off or on lights, appliances and others; using a button on your mobile or checking on your child at home through a CCTV footage on your phone; or even, letting your television record your favourite show while you are away, there are certain security threats or risks that come along.

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So, if you are all set to transform your home into a smart abode, here are five possible security threats you should be aware of:
A distant viewer of your Smart TV
Your Smart TV is the most convenient device to be hacked. The hackers can enter your Smart TV through your internet connection and consume your data. Also, certain Smart TVs come with a camera installed which can be easily breached and used to keep an eye on you and your family.
Hacking your temperature systems
Thinking why and how? Reports suggest that in 15 seconds a hacker can hack your thermostat systems. These systems, because they are regulated to switch on and off based on people's movement in the house or is regulated on the basis of  departure or arrival time of a particular family member, a hacker can easily track this information. So, he would know that if the thermostat just got switched off means you must be leaving your home, on the other hand, if it was switched on then it's time for you to arrive.
Entering your security systems
One of the most common threats is entering the security systems of your home which with the help of the internet and an app can be remotely regulated by a smart device. Hackers would track your time of departure or arrival, they would know that your door is locked and once entered your system, can easily unlock it. Thus, an easy way to cause theft at your home, without you knowing.
They know what you're talking
Systems like video-conferencing setup, computers and even printers, everything that uses cloud or the internet can easily be hacked. These hacks are for passive needs of barging into your personal data, and even gain access to some key information like bank details or others. They also observe how you interact with your devices and also, read your emails.
Playing with your lighting systems
Entering your light system means the hackers could make your electricity bill inflate. They could regulate the lighting and other electricity systems of your home even when you are away, making your home consume electricity even when you are not around. Though there is nothing hackers get out of it, it's a cyber crime to the bully.

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Last Updated: Fri Dec 30 2016

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