Try This Eco-Friendly Substitute Of Wood At Home

Try This Eco-Friendly Substitute Of Wood At Home

Try This Eco-Friendly Substitute Of Wood At Home

Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (UPVC) material dominated the market since 1990. The material resists air pollution and is storm proof, weather proof and noise proof. The material is getting more popular these days because it is energy efficient. Even Supra Eco homes, the first fully solar residential project, has utilised UPVC windows as this is a great way to save wood.

MakaaniQ lists some of the benefits of switching over to UPVC doors and windows:

Require less maintenance

Although wooden doors have a great aesthetic appeal, these are available in varied designs. But, a lot of maintenance is required in case of wooden doors. Varnishing, repainting, sanding or cleaning is a must when it comes to wooden doors. This is not the case with UPVC windows and doors. Windows and doors made out of this material offer ultraviolet resistance. These don't fade due to heat, pollution or humidity. Also, these window frames and doors do not require any painting. A wipe is enough to remove any dirt.

Stand the test of time

UPVC doors and windows are strong and durable. The reason that these are so strong is that these windows are made up of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). In this, the steel is galvanised and put inside. This is the reason for their strength.  Thus, they provide good security from unwanted intruders. UPVC doors are available in different designs and are designed to be anti-crowbar. This makes them highly difficult to break.

An affordable option

UPVC doors and windows are affordable than wooden doors. This is a great point especially after considering the benefits of using UPVC material.

A wide variety

If you are looking at reducing your electricity usage, then there are options in the market that will help you do so. In case you have kids at home, then there are options for windows that ensure no cuts or injuries. Similarly, you can find options for sound-proof and burglar-proof solutions.

Strong insulating power

UPVC doors and windows have strong insulating power. These windows keep the room warm and insulated. Moreover, the cold and dampness will prevent warm air from escaping.  This means you will save on electricity bills.

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