Builders Prefer uPVC To Wood For Its Many Benefits: Window Magic India CEO

Builders Prefer uPVC To Wood For Its Many Benefits: Window Magic India CEO

Builders Prefer uPVC To Wood For Its Many Benefits: Window Magic India CEO

For many of us, there is no replacing wood when we think of buying furniture or getting the doors/windows, cabinets, etc., fixed. Despite the charm that wood oozes, others substitutes are fast capturing a significant market share owing to the various benefits they offer over wood. 

Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (uPVC) is one such material. This air-resistant, weather-proof material has already become quite popular among the customers.  

In conversation with Manish Bansal, director and chief executive officer, Window Magic India, Sneha Sharon Mammen looks at the benefits uPVC can offer over wood. 

Q: Why should homeowners consider uPVC? 

A: While constructing a house, a homeowner focuses on interiors and the benefits that uPVC offers in order to create a serene ambiance. The products crafted using uPVC provide several benefits such as thermal insulation, sound insulation, less-maintenance and uncountable other advantages to name. 

Q: Compared to wood, is uPVC durable enough? 

A: Due to several advantages, uPVC products are chosen over its other counterparts such as wood and aluminium. During the monsoon and autumn season, products made up of wood expand and become unpleasant to deal with. The products made up of aluminium, on the other hand, have low thermal efficiency and cannot resist the heat. In comparison, products made of uPVC are highly durable and have minimal expansion and contraction owing to changes in weather. These products not only have longer sustainability but also energy efficiency. Apart from the above mentioned benefits, windows made of uPVC also offer several other advantages such as multi-point locking system, etc. 

Q:What has restricted the use of uPVC till now? 

A: Earlier, PVC was a significant material in the fenestration industry. Since it is not UV resistant, its popularity took a hit. In order to overcome this shortcoming, uPVC products were introduced, which are environment-friendly, weather-resistant and durable. This is why majority of builders today choose uPVC over its other counterparts. 

Q: What about the cost? 

A: To start with, uPVC products are way more affordable than products made of timber and aluminium. Considering the long term benefits, this material is cost effective.    

Q: What do you have to say about the construction-friendliness of uPVC? 

A: The concept of green construction in the urban environment has led to the uPVC windows and doors being the most preferred choice for builders, as they are lead-free and environment-friendly. 

Q: How do you see the market growing in the future?  

A:According to the Indian uPVC market report, the market would grow by 30 per cent in the next 10-15 years. Also, the uPVC segment is expected to contribute at around 10-12 per cent to the fenestration industry. 

Last Updated: Wed Aug 14 2019

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