Trump Is Selling His Caribbean Estate. Are You Game?

Trump Is Selling His Caribbean Estate. Are You Game?

Trump Is Selling His Caribbean Estate. Are You Game?

US President Donald Trump is selling his Caribbean estate in Saint Martin, say media reports, which he bought four years ago. When the real estate tycoon bought the property in 2013, he described it as “one of the greatest mansions in the world”.

Lesley Reed, managing director at Pierres Caraibes, the estate agency, had admired Trump's taste after the news of his buying the property became public that year.

 “Donald Trump has an excellent eye for real estate. He is someone who buys at the right time in the right place and, contrary to what people are losing sight of, he sees potential in St. Martin. He also has a loyal following of people that trust his investments,” Reed was quoted by media as saying.

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Here's what you would love to know about Trump's mansion:

  • The mansion, named Le Chateau des Palmiers is a Caribbean beachfront estate and includes ornate villas and an expansive pool facing the Plum Bay. It is the 12th most expensive home in the Caribbean.
  • When Trump bought it in 2013, he had paid $19.70 million to then owners, Steve Hilbert and wife Tomisue Hilbert, business people from Indiana owning a skin-care line developed by Melania Trump.  Trump initially listed the property for $37.60 million. Later, the listing replaced the price quote with “price on application” option.  Too pricey, is it? But, you may still be willing to pay the price, considering many factors. Reports say that even the most luxurious homes were commanding anywhere between $15 million and $17million. A ten-bedroom estate close to Trump's is on the market for $4.75 million, for instance. Above all, the buyer gets to live where the current US President once spent time.
  • Le Chateau des Palmiers or Castle of the Palms is spread over two hectares and includes a tennis court and fitness centre. You get nine bedrooms and a two-story master suite if you opt for it. Before Trump bought it, the mansion used to be a retreat place for NBA's stars and Hollywood's most known faces.
  • We all know Trump's signature style and it is replicated here – lots of gold wallpaper, heavy gold tapestry, kingsize mahogany beds, en-suite jacuzzi, private balconies and a “Trump-approved eight-foot wall".
  • Regular luxury kitchens are a passé. The kitchen and catering at Castle of Palms is “commercial-size” and so is the media-room. Additionally, a personal chef, butler and a daily laundress are out there to serve the inhabitants.
Last Updated: Wed May 31 2017

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