5 Cozy Outdoor Seating Ideas For Your Lawn

5 Cozy Outdoor Seating Ideas For Your Lawn

5 Cozy Outdoor Seating Ideas For Your Lawn

Walls and ceilings do make a home, but they don’t really complete it. To enjoy the luxuries a house provides to its owner, it must also have private open spaces that keep us close to the nature, enriching our body, mind and soul. That is why a good deal of money is spent in purchasing and maintaining open spaces, including lawns. Since we already have that, let us see what arrangements must be made to enjoy this beauty to the fullest.  

Gazebo-covered area

Gazebo Outdoor Seating

Create a stylish and organised seating space outdoors that can be accessed in all types of weather conditions. The gazebo-covered setting provides you shade in summers and rains. Apt for those who host a large number of relatives and friends on regular intervals, this setting can have upholstered sofas made of outdoor-friendly material such as wicker. To add to the setting have a rug and cushions that go well with the upholstered sofa set. You could also hang some beautiful centre lighting piece in the gazebo, making the area useful even when the sun goes down.

Moveable lounging chairs

Outdoor seating table and lounge chair

This portable set of furniture is useful for those who enjoy being minimal. Made of metal, these lounging chairs paired with a table could be bought in numbers of your choice. Pick a pair if you are a couple who loves to enjoy taking a sunbath in winters or enjoy the rains (add a portable outdoor umbrella). This setting doesn’t require too much decor around it and can be moved to a place and a view of your choice.

Leaf-shaped chair

Wicker outdoor seating chair

Do you want to create a happy zone of your own outdoors? Try a set of a beautifully-made leaf-shaped chair with a matching table. You could find this kind of seating made in plastic wicker with an upholstered cushion for comfort. Add some quirky table accessories and back cushions to complete the look. Although portable, furniture made of wicker can withstand all types of weather conditions.

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Outdoor bed

Outdoor seating bed

Why should you just have sofas and chair when you can install a bed outdoors. Create a covered space and install a suspended bed which could be used as an informal seating space to enjoy the outdoors. This bed, made of wood, can be covered with a bright bedsheet and beautiful cushions. Install a set of fairy lights around the gazebo and make the area look right out of a storybook.

Cushions and table

Seating ideas cushions

Do not really want to invest in special seating furniture for your lawn? This setting can be a cool way to have an informal evening with your friends. Buy some large colourful cushions and a low-lying antique table. This setting can be placed anywhere in your lawn depending on the time of day.

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Last Updated: Wed May 15 2019

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