Top Colour Combinations To Paint Exterior Walls Of Your Home

Top Colour Combinations To Paint Exterior Walls Of Your Home

Top Colour Combinations To Paint Exterior Walls Of Your Home

While you toss the leaves of the catalog forward and backward repeatedly to select the perfect colour for your interior walls, the same diligence is not always shown when the time to paint the façade comes. We simply want the paint to be strong enough to be able to bear the effects of the rain and shine a house’s exteriors have to stand.

That won’t do, especially if you like to stand out, would it? If the answer is positive, let us try and help you find the perfect colour combination, too, that would add beauty to the brawn here. 

Bright and colourful

Exterior paint

Long gone are the days when only certain colours made it to houses’ exteriors. Modern homes are welcoming all sorts of schemes in order to shine and stand out. 

What you have to do to achieve the same result without going overboard is to subtly add a pop shade to the exterior wall.

In the home pictured above, for instance, red has been added right on the centre wall of the exterior highlighting the entryway. The remaining facade is painted in the lightest shade of grey. While the red becomes the focal point, the grey ensures that the indoor temperature does not rise with the use of warm colour on the exterior.


You could also opt for a bright colour to make your home look better than its neighbours. Use colours such as yellow with a dash of orange, or use various hues of blue. These colours give your home a bright look without having an impact on the temperature indoors and look good in traditionally designed homes. You could mellow the impact of the colours by using stone bricks on the pillars of the home.

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Dark colour palette 


Many modern homes today adorn dark colours such as charcoal or black to paint the exterior walls of their homes. However, these colours are set long side contrasts such as white or red bricks. 

In this home, for example, the top floor of the house which extends out of the walls on the ground floor is painted black. However, the walls on the ground floor are all covered in bricks.

Do note that this combination is apt for homes in the cold region as the dark colours absorb the heat during the day making the indoors warm and cozy during the night.

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If pop is not your thing really, neutral colours such as grey, white or beige would do just fine. In tropical cities of India where outdoor temperature is often quite high, this scheme would certainly be the best. To break the monotony, you could add some wooden beams or black wrought iron railings.

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Last Updated: Fri Jun 28 2019

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