Today's Homebuyers Seek Undefined Space

Today's Homebuyers Seek Undefined Space

Today's Homebuyers Seek Undefined Space

Homes have stopped being places that offered the resident a living room, a bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom and a balcony. Today's buyers have greater expectations. For some, homes are also their workplace; for some, homes are their getaway from the outside world; for some, their home is their world.

Today's homebuyers do not like boundaries. They want an undefined space which they can use the way they want to. We popularly know this space as multipurpose, flexi or bonus space.

Why flexi rooms?

Think of a room in the property. And now, think of this room being used as an entertainment zone by the family. Sometimes, you could turn this space into a play area for your children. On days when you feel like, you could turn this space into a quite reading zone; on other days, this could be turned into a perfect party zone. This one undefined space provides you with indefinite opportunities. There is more. This bonus space lets homebuyers customise it the way they want to and when they want to.

No boundaries

As the name suggests, flexi rooms need to have provisions that are flexible and movable. Try to separate it not from a concrete but a movable wall; install furniture that is multipurpose and movable; have storage no matter what the purpose and provisions to be placed so that it can be used for multi-purposes and for a long time to come.

According to various international architects and interior designers, these rooms are placed close to the living room, bathroom and kitchen, so that these amenities are easily accessible when the room is in in use.

The many benefits

We all could benefit a great deal from having at our disposal some additional space that can be used the way we want. However, Young couples, who are just starting off with their lives would greatly profit if they have a bonus room in their home. As their families grow in future, flexi rooms would come handy.

Then, investing in a property with bonus space is monetarily beneficial, too. Flexi rooms are a surprise element of a home that can act as the major selling point in a property. You would not find it hard to get buyers who are looking for undefined spaces in their homes, in case you plan to sell the property in future.

Last Updated: Tue Jun 18 2019

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