Tips while selecting a contractor

Tips while selecting a contractor

Tips while selecting a contractor

Contractor plays a very crucial role in shaping up a dreamed home. Choosing the best contractors for renovation is very important. The concept of a contractor has changed over time as smaller construction companies have also got into renovation business, posing threat to the original individual contractors. With the increasing competition, it becomes very difficult for the house owners to choose the best contractor to carry out the renovation.

Here are some tips to help you choose the best contractor for your home.

Track Record and Back Ground check: House owners must do a sound research on contractors who will be willing to work on the specified budget. Track record of the contractors is the first aspect house owners must look for while selecting a contractor. It reflects the quality of his work and whether he respects timelines. If the contractor is working for the first time, he may give his best to establish himself. But to be on the safer side house owners are advised to help the contractor out. One can speak to his previous clients to get an idea how he works.

Legal Check: Not just the track records but also his licenses and certifications are to be taken into account. Certifications such as an ISO certification and membership in contractors association must be checked. These certifications prove the authentication of the contractor.

Joint Effort: A contractor must be willing to listen to house owner’s demands and provide what they expect in making their dream come true. Striking a sound balance with the contractor is plays an important role. The contractor must be able to visualize what the home buyer wants.

Conflict management skills: A contractor’s work depends on a lot of other people like, dealers of materials, labours, municipal corporation employers etc, and hence he may face delays at various stages of construction. A contractor must be good in handling the pressure and quick in making wise decisions.

Quality of Material Used: While renovating a house, the owner will want the best of the materials to go into making his house. Contractor must be trust worthy in this case. There are a few contractors who would charge the house owner of the best quality materials, but buy moderate quality goods and gulp the difference in prices.

Insurance: Before the work starts it is very important to check whether he is covered liability and damage insurance. He has to be insured against injuries, site accidents or other unexpected hazards, while construction. It is a small cost but completely worth it.

Team Player: A contractor is always a team player. He will be handling lot of jobs at the same time. He must be able to manage work properly providing human resource and materials to each of the sites so that he is able to deliver the project on time.

Fair Payout Policies: Normally contractors ask for a 20-50% deposit depending on the size of the work and then make sure that the rest of the money is paid as and when the work gets completed.

Contract: The contract should be fair to both the parties. Once the contract is signed both parties are legally bound hence each clause must be included carefully.

Last Updated: Sat Feb 04 2012

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