Tips to Hang Your Curtains the Right Way

Tips to Hang Your Curtains the Right Way

Tips to Hang Your Curtains the Right Way
The importance of the humble curtain is under stated. The unsung hero in your house; curtains can add personality to any room. But curtainsare not only an accessory, they serve a very important practical purpose too. From acting as a 'divider' to helping cover-up some not-so-attractive spots in the room. Curtains also protect your privacy while blocking out natural elements like, harsh sunlight and strong winds. 
If you do want to use curtains in your rooms then remember to balance the practical use of the curtains with the design and decor of your room. 
Here are some tips on how to get the curtains in your room just right:
Start at the top
The best place to hang curtains is at the ceiling line, exactly at the ceiling or below the moulding. The long curtains are good to make the small spaces look larger. To get a different look, let them fall to the floor.
Remember to KISS
Keep it straight and single! Hanging curtains on one single rod gives them a clean and polished look. You can also hang separate curtains for multiple windows and doors in a straight line to add some colour to a long hall or passageway.
Stack (also called stack back) is the amount of space required at the side of a window for the curtains to be fully open, hanging completely off the window. This ensures that there is adequate looking space when the curtains are open. 
Here are some mistakes that you should avoid while hanging curtains in your home or office:
Not taking the right measurement
Remember, size matters! Take the right measurements of your windows and decide which style suits you best. Taking right measurements of the size of the rods and the curtains will also save you time and money.
Hanging too low 
Do not hang curtains low as it will make the room appear smaller. Hanging them from the ceiling is a right way to make the room appear tall.
Get shorty
Whether you buy readymade curtains or get them stitched, make sure they are not too short in height and they reach the floor. Putting drapes which are too short in your rooms is like wearing undersized pants. They look bad and don't fully cover up.
Ignoring the hardware
Window treatments are important, but so is the hardware. Pay attention to the rods and brackets that you use to hang your curtains. For heavy fabric curtains, you will require sturdy rods.
Not ironing
Wrinkled curtains are a big no-no as they look messy and untidy. Always iron them before hanging.
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Last Updated: Thu Nov 24 2016

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