Tips To Design Your Meditation Room

Tips To Design Your Meditation Room

Tips To Design Your Meditation Room

Your meditation room is fundamentally different from other parts of your house. And, owning to that you have keep in mind specific things while designing this area.

Here is what you can do design-wise to focus better while you meditate:

Space is the key

Space that makes you feel good


Your meditation room is your feel-good territory and any clutter is a strict no-no. To life your spiritual self, you will have to ensure the materialistic quotient is kept low. Items such as mats, cushions, ottoman, and throw rugs should not be occupying too much space. Also, it is a must this part of the house is far from places which have activity as their hallmark. Any kind of noise will be disturbing.

Coming closer to nature nature


To enhance your meditation experience, bring home some natural elements. You can get some plants with flowers that offer soothing aromas. You can also keep fresh flowers in a vase in your meditation room. Add a water fountain in your room. The sound of water falling is perfect for attaining focus.

Breath in, breath out



To help you meditate and concentrate better, your room should smell good. So, do introduce aromatherapy in your meditation room. You can use aroma candles and incense sticks to do so. Keeping plants like jasmine, peppermint and chamomile is also a good option for making your room smell fresh and good.

Say no to technology

no technology


Meditation means you are relaxing, away from the hustle-and-bustle of life. Hence, keep electronics like laptops, television and phone outside your meditation room. Do not let any technology disrupt you while you are relaxing yourself. However, you can keep a music player to play some soothing meditative music which will help you concentrate better.

Let there be light

Natural light


It is important that your meditation room has access to natural light. Make sure your room gets ample light and fresh air. If you want to add window treatments, choose a sheer fabric in a light colour to let the light in. If you are meditating in an open area, make sure the area does not get direct sunlight at the time when you want to meditate. In such a case, use and umbrella or a structure that will allow you to hang curtains.

That personal touch

personal touch


While designing your meditation room, do give it a personal touch. Statue, bells, wind chimes, crystals, choose anything that lifts your mood.

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