Getting Ready For Diwali: Tips For An Eco-friendly Celebration

Getting Ready For Diwali: Tips For An Eco-friendly Celebration

Getting Ready For Diwali: Tips For An Eco-friendly Celebration

That time of the year has arrived when you get to see an amazing display of lights, colours and decor. With festive spirit and enthusiasm on a high, most of us are busy decorating our homes in the most interesting way possible. As the Supeme Court this year decides to ban crackers this year in the Delhi and National Capital Region, it is time to come together to celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali and do our bit.

MakaaniQ brings you some unique ways to celebrate the festival of lights in an eco-friendly way.

Bring in the light

Diwali is synonymous with lights. Traditional oil diyas, candles or terracotta lamps never go out of style. Buy them in bulk for decorating the house, instead of electric lights. Indulge in a do-it-yourself (DIY) diya decoration by painting them with glitter or colours of your choice to create your own statement. Solar lights also make for a great décor option which are easily available on various shopping portals.

Green gifting

Do away with the same usual Diwali gifts that you give every year and that are not used for years by many. Instead, this year adopt green gifting ideas. Choose gifts such as plants, herbal cosmetics, special teas and coffee, spices, etc. 

Also, avoid covering these gifts in plastic, opt for recycled gift wrapping papers.

Flowers display

Fresh flowers can give your house a graceful look while also adding fragrance. Assorted flowers like jasmine and rose can be used for decorating by placing them in a bowl filled with water. Flowered rangoli made with a combination of flowers, petals, leaves and diyas is a smart way to capture the attention of your guests. You can also include organic rangoli colours or natural kitchen items like rice, turmeric, etc. for giving a green touch to your décor.

Natural products for décor

Hanging readymade Torans or Bandanwars outside the house is not only auspicious but a simple tool for your traditional home décor theme. Make best use of your colourful dupattas or sarees made of silk or cotton and suspend them in the hallway or living room for a festive look. Also, give you furniture upholstery an ethic feel by opting for hand-stitched and embroidered cushion covers or pillow cases. Other options for eco-friendly décor could be paper lanterns or handmade Kandils.

Community celebrations

Community celebrations with family, friends and neighbours can get the excitement levels doubled. Organize a community cracker show which will help in minimising individual costs, curb accidents and lessen pollution caused. You could also say complete no to crackers and rather involve your kids in other fun activities. This could mean lighting a bonfire on the terrace or blowing up brown paper bags or balloons filled with glitter.

Donate unwanted things

Diwali celebration is preceded by house cleaning and de-cluttering drive. This could be an opportunity to say goodbye to your stuffs which you no longer require like toys, books, crockery, furniture and clothes. Reach out to any orphanage or non-governmental organisation (NGO) to donate those things. If you can afford, you could even gift new clothes and sweets to the poor and needy, get your picture posted on social media to inspire your friends too.

Shop less, shop smart

If you see no point in making large purchases for your house such as an expensive window treatment or furniture, you are on the right track. If the drapes, rugs, beddings or cushions are in fine condition, you need not replace them. Instead focus on other areas such as buying gift cards or jewellery from an NGO, serving food to guests in biodegradable plates and glasses, etc. Make purchases of materials that are longer lasting or decorations made with reusable materials, as mentioned above. Similarly, rather than repainting the entire house, select a wall and decorate it the way you like.

Recycle it!

Those diyas you lighted this year can go on to be your decor for the festival in the coming years until they are broken. This you could do with various decorative you bought for your home such as kandil, lights, torans, among others. 

Last Updated: Mon Nov 05 2018

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