Tips for Travellers to Turn Souvenirs Into Décor Items

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If you are a traveller who loves to collect souvenirs from different places, home décor could be the best way to showcase them.

You have shifted to a new swanky locality and rented your favourite home. To celebrate your joy, you invite your family and friends but not sure how to impress them with your home décor. While you have just shifted to a new home, you may not have many décor items at display. If you are a traveller who loves to collect souvenirs from different places, it is the best time to showcase them. Here are some of the ideas you can implement and use to display your souvenirs as home décor items.

Keep it on the shelves


The simplest and the easiest way to demonstrate your collection is by keeping and putting things on display on shelves. Be it wine bottles, a photo frame or leather goods, you can put different items you have collected from your adventures. Your souvenirs on display can also be a great starter for conversations with your guests. If you would like to add some jazz appeal, also hang and keep some accessories and trinkets too, which you have collected after shopping at different places.

Use your coffee table

coffe table


Your coffee or centre table can be put to best use to show your souvenirs. If you have collected seashells from different beaches or the statue of a popular landmark of a city, a coffee table could be the best place to showcase them. Natural items like are best for coffee display and will also give your living room unique and eclectic taste and experience.

Make a collage


If you want to tell your adventure story, a collage made from your different visits could be the best prop to do that. Make a collage from different collections such as your tickets that you purchased for attractions or transportation. You can also make a currency collage and hang it on the wall. Your guests would love to see how the currencies from different parts of the world look like. Else, the collage made from postcards or small handmade crafts can also be displayed.

Use other ideas


There are several other ways to display your collections. Items such as key chains and bells can be hanged on walls or put on display. You can use mason jars to put small things and display them. Travel souvenirs can be put in a basket and used as a centrepiece for a dining table. You can also keep some items on floating shelves or near your mirror.

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