This Is What Makes Your Home Look Messy

This Is What Makes Your Home Look Messy

This Is What Makes Your Home Look Messy

Who doesn't wish for a clean and clutter-free home? But, no matter how many decluttering drive you run, there are chances that your home will get messy at short interval of time.

To help you keep your home as clean as possible, MakaaniQ lists certain commonly found areas that cause the mess and also, shares solution for these areas:



Problem: After every meal, the dirty dishes fill the sink and make it greasy and grimy.

Solution: Dirty dishes not just look bad but smell bad, too, if kept lying for long. Don't leave it for the domestic help to come in the evening or in the morning to clean these but, make it a habit to clean them yourself as soon as you finish your meal. If you have a dishwasher, then it is always a plus. Once the dishes are clean, do not neglect the sink and let it lie blank. Whether it is a metal or a porcelain sink, clean it with water and soap regularly.



Problem: Toys, newspapers, magazines or other everyday things are lying across the floor.

Solution: Having a workable and better storage solution for most of the things is a must. Take a tour of your home and make sure that everything is placed in its designated space. If there is no space for every extra item, it is better to declutter the mess and dispose of the things.

Dining table

Dining table (Pixabay.com)(Pixabay)

Problem: If you treat your dining table as a dumping zone for everything and anything.

Solution: Use your dining table only for having meals. Set it accordingly and do not keep your shopping bags, groceries, keys etc., on it. If you want a place to place all these things, create a drop zone in your home using a rack or a mini table.

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Refrigeratorrefrigerator (Dreamstime)

Problem: A refrigerator is used to stick magnets, reminders, messages and notes.

Solution: Keep a clipboard in your kitchen or at a place which you see the most and hang your notes and reminders there. Also, do not use the top of the refrigerator to keep magazines, wedding invites or newspapers. Keep them in a magazine stand instead.

Picture frames

picture frames (Dreamstime)

Problem: Adding too many pictures and artwork together.

Solution: A gallery wall can look like a mess if filled with too many pictures and artwork together. Before you create your picture wall, try the pattern on a plain floor or a piece of sheet. Plan and adjust the alignment between the pictures so that each picture is clearly visible. Ideally, keep a distance of one to two inches between small frames and two to three inches between larger ones.


Accessories (Dreamstime)

Problem: Keeping everything together and over accessorising.

Solution: Over accessorising the rooms looks messy. When you style your objects, keep them in small groups, ideally in odd numbers (three, five and seven). Make sure you do not ignore the focal point and keep some space between the things.


rug (Dreamstime)

Problem: The rug does not cover the right and the required space. A wrong size rug can be a problem and make it look messy.

Solution: When you choose to spread a rug, it should work to pull your seating space together. Make sure the front of each seating furniture is on the top of the rug.   

Last Updated: Mon Dec 12 2016

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