Things To Remember For Maintenance Of Air Conditioning System

Things To Remember For Maintenance Of Air Conditioning System

Things To Remember For Maintenance Of Air Conditioning System

With temperatures rising all across India, you must be feeling the heat already and running for your air conditioner's remote. The air conditioners are the saviours that make you feel cool and comfortable in this scorching heat. So, it is important to ensure this weapon is well in shape, before you start using it this summer. As the system calls for a regular maintenance in order to function efficiently, hire a professional for the inspection. Timely maintenance and an yearly or even half-yearly check-up (depending on the usage), is beneficial as it prevents unnecessary AC repair costs.

MakaanIQ lists certain things to keep in mind when calling for maintenance services for your air conditioner:  



Filters in the air conditioner are a very crucial component as they purify the air by collecting the dirt particles from indoor air. The filter need to be checked every month and changed at regular intervals, suitably every few months. Replacing the filters on a regular basis can significantly reduce the energy consumption by upto 15 per cent.

Condensing unit


The condensing unit is the component of the air conditioning system which draws air into the system. Clear the air compressor and condensing unit if it has been clogged by dust particles, garbage, leaves, shrubs or plants. Straighten the bent condensing unit fins. Unblocking the condensing unit will facilitate smooth circulation.

Freon levels


Freon is the coolant commonly used in air conditioning systems. Refrigerant levels, especially in older models are prone to leaks and thus, need to be filled or changed from time-to-time.

Air ducts & vents


The air ducts and vents require thorough cleaning. Scan the attic for any clutter or debris which may prevent the air from circulating. The cleaning will minimise the extra load on the system.

Finally, opt for the professional AC maintenance services which involves complete checks for thermostats, ducts, batteries, refrigerants, airflow checks, etc. It is advisable to conduct inspections of the condenser fan motor and blades, wiring, contacts, capacitors, relays, compressor amps during start-up, coolant levels and pressure, evaporator coil and condensate drain.

Last Updated: Wed May 25 2016

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