Things To Keep In Mind When Relocating With A Pet

Things To Keep In Mind When Relocating With A Pet

Things To Keep In Mind When Relocating With A Pet

Moving into a new home can be equally overwhelming for your pet just as it is for you. Pets generally take more time to adjust to new surroundings than humans. And during this time they might get cranky, might have bad health or lose appetite.

MakaaniQ lists a few things to keep in mind before you move in with your pets:

Consult a vet

Before you move into your new home, meet your pet's veterinary doctor and check with him about different health or behavioural changes your pet might go through. Also, get a prescription of medicines you might need in case of emergency. 

Introduce a new crate

If you are moving in with your cat or dog, introduce it to the new carrier long before you actually move in.

Keep things as normal as you can and start packing a few days earlier so that your pet gets used to the process. Put its favourite treats and toys inside the carrier and let it out a few days in advance so that your pet can explore and get used to it before the moving day.

Groom your pet

It is definitely a better idea to groom your pet before you move. Long-haired pets may feel discomfort and irritation while moving in summer so take this into consideration.

Get its nails trimmed so that it doesn't end up ruining your car's interiors. Make sure it smells fresh while you travel.

Before you move

Before you make the decision to move, verify that your new accommodation and locality are pet- friendly. Become familiar with pet rules and regulations of your new locality as landlords or resident's welfare associations may have specific pet laws. While you look for a new home make sure there is ample space for the pet to move around and also check for a park in the neighbourhood.

Keep an eye on them

Don't let your pet move out a lot until they get acclimated to the new neighbourhood. If you let it out right away, it could probably wander off. Take it out with you to explore the new neighbourhood and get it accustomed to it. You could for a few days get it an identity card and attach it their collar for easy identification in case they get lost. 

Things you should keep with you when on the move

  • Pet's food

  • Treats

  • Water

  • Disposable litter boxes

  • A first aid kit

  • Towels

Last Updated: Wed May 24 2017

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