Building A New Home? Note These Before You Proceed

Building A New Home? Note These Before You Proceed

Building A New Home? Note These Before You Proceed
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Getting a home constructed on your own is a task that can only be accomplished when well-planned and executed. It is not only about creating various rooms based on your requirement but also, ensuring that it is well-aligned with construction rules and regulations. MakaanIQ suggests some points you must consider when planning to build a new house:

Set goals

The first and the most important thing to consider is to set some goals before you begin the planning process. The goals would include the size of the home, layout, design & interiors, among others. Keep in mind every necessary aspect and work towards setting achievable goals.  Majority of home builders design the layout to suit their present family needs. But it is crucial to ask yourself if you need additional space in the future. For a growing family, it is always wise to plan an extra room or an entertainment space. Think about whether you would want to spend rest of your life in the same location. Your answers to these questions will guide you in designing and choosing the right home. What is equally important is to accept the possibility that you might sell the house one day. So, keeping resale in mind, try adding features that will appeal to a potential buyer.

Conceptualising a complete home                           

Some first timers regret not giving much thought to the furniture placement early on during the design phase. When selecting existing floorplans or creating one, you should conceptualise how the furniture layout will work. This is necessary so that the rooms do not look cluttered after adding the furnishings. Remember taking into account how much space is required to slide out chairs or couch and still moving around comfortably. This is more applicable when designing a hallway.

Fix a budget

A set budget should be a part of the list of your goals. Fix a budget and divide it into details including the cost of construction, material, taxes, furniture and even home décor. Besides your fixed budget, keep a sum aside for any contingency. It is advisable to use a excel sheet as a tool to keep a track of your budget and expenses throughout your project.

Right placement of rooms

A bedroom should ideally be in a corner which is far away from noise or traffic. The master bedroom should not be planned near a staircase or a place where family members are more likely to come and go while you are asleep. It should also not share a wall with the central living areas. If you are building a multi-story home, plan bedroom and attached bathroom on each floor. Ensure bedrooms serve total privacy and are not easily visible from the living room. While you should count these spaces as crucial, exclude rooms which might end up being under-utilized or serve as a dumping ground for discarded things. Space planning also means giving ample scope for your pets and children.

Including enough details

When installing the closets and built-in cabinets, think if they need special detailing to meet your requirements. Make sure the storage areas have enough space for single as well as double hung rods. Consider including amenities like extra closet space for guests who might periodically come to stay with you. Similarly, for the kitchen area incorporate custom storage organization in kitchen drawers. Segregate the space for easy-access to store frequently used appliances. A master switch from master bedroom that controls all exterior lights can be another feature you might prefer having. Also, add soundproofing wherever needed.

Not to ignore the ductwork

 Before construction begins, ensure you choose the right contractor for high-quality ductwork sealing and insulation. Poor planning with gaps might result in terrible moisture and mold growth as well as affect the HVAC system. Perform an inspection of the exposed pipes and raise your concerns beforehand. Check the location of for power outlets and faucets. Include more options in places you think requirement may arise. For instance, a landscape lighting in the lawns, outlets in kitchen pantry, additional light switches in the patio for installing lights during Diwali or Christmas.

Assemble a team

For building your home, you will need inputs from experts and professionals. List and chose the right professionals that fit your requirements as well as your budget. Hire all the professionals including electrician, plumbers, builder and others, beforehand. Consult, research and check their previous works, before you finalise each of your team member. Make sure they all work in sync to deliver the best.  

Prepare for inevitable

Be prepared for any unforeseen situation that may arise during the construction process. Even though, you make plans and set your goals, but there are chances that you may come across certain challenges. Prepare yourself in advance with a Plan B, in case Plan A does not work. Also, be relaxed and try to resolve the issue by consulting with the experts and your professionals.

Plan, plan and plan

The planning in the beginning will not suffice the whole construction process. Do not stop planning and make as much plans as possible. You will come across several ideas during the entire construction process. Consider and imply your new plans and goals whenever required.

Here are some quick tips:

  • Check the location of your power connections including lights, switches and other sockets, considering placement of your furniture, wardrobe and other decorative.
  • Create a safe parking space for your¬†private conveyance and also room for additional vehicle.
  • Consider weather conditions when planning to begin the construction. Never begin the construction in rainy season.
  • Choose energy saving LEDs to save future expenses. These also have a long life.

With inputs from Shweta Talwar

Last Updated: Thu Nov 09 2017

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